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Contents of Super Sex

All the Secrets You Need to Know in One Place

To Save You Time and Frustration

Did you ever wish your body came with an instruction manual for experiencing multiple orgasms?

Well...now it does in
Super Sex...5 Steps to Explosive Orgasms

1. Self Pleasure to Orgasm

2. Give Him a Private Showing

  • What you may be doing to excite your man that may really be causing him to lose interest in sex...and how to solve this dilemma...Chapter 15.
  • How to fulfill your man's fantasy while covertly showing him what you really need to orgasm...Chapter 12.
  • How to start off date night to inspire some red hot sex later...Chapter 12.

3. Orgasm from
Intercourse with Toys

  • How to turn your body into a vibrator for him during intercourse while also providing deep stimulation to your G-spot...Chapter 13.
  • What the savvy lover has in her nightstand...and how to produce it without making your man feel like a boy toy...Chapter 13.
  • The sex position that all but guarantees explosive orgasms. Essential variations on sex positions to make them even more effective for bigger and better orgasms every time...Chapter 20.

4. Orgasm from Intercourse

  • Why you should never fake having an orgasm. What to do if you have been faking orgasms...and you don't even need to tell him if you have been less than truthful...Chapter 13.
  • Help your man last longer in bed…Chapter 13.
  • The number one favorite sex position of most men. An effective sex position if he cums too fast...Chapter 20.
  • How to make deeper penetration from your man easier. What to do if you are getting too much penetration from your man...Chapter 27.
  • How to experience a doubly intense "blended" orgasm...Chapter 10.
  • The secret to experiencing two kinds of the most powerful and intense multiple orgasms...Chapter 35.

5. Orgasm from Oral Sex

  • 5 ways to intensify orgasms and prolong your pleasure...Chapter 22.
  • What to do if you feel self-conscious about receiving oral sex...Chapter 32.
  • 4 best positions for cunnilingus...Chapter 32.

This is just a taste of the secrets I share with you inside Super Sex...5 Steps to Explosive Orgasms Complete Multimedia Course. You can see more about the sexy secrets revealed in the table of contents.

How to Turn "Okay" Into "OhhhhYay!"

Have you ever had a fiasco during sex where everything went totally wrong?

Things you never meant to have happen...happened. And you felt like hiding in some deep, dark cave...where no one could find you?

That doesn't need to happen ever again. Discover what went wrong...and what you can do about it. With these secrets...you can say good-bye to embarrassing mistakes during sex.

Think of the sex techniques in this course as bumpers on a bowling lane...they not only greatly improve the chances of bowling a strike...but they will also keep you out of the gutter.

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