The Top 3 Real Reasons
Why Men Cheat

The Number 1 Reason Men Cheat:

Boredom...Sex Has Become Boring

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Men crave sexual variety. When things get monotonous...a man has to do something else to increase his arousal.

Give your man exhilarating sexual variety...and he experiences the passionate rush of "new sex"...without seeking out a "new" woman.

And when you get more pleasure from sex... you will want sex more often.

Most cheating men complain they don't get enough sex at home.

Keep him captivated with your erotic electricity...your devastatingly sexy moves.

Here are the advanced sexual techniques to transcend the average and ordinary...and ignite your sex life to new heights of primal passion.

Boredom busters...

photo of a woman's hands on a man

1. Satisfy him with perfect fellatio...and prepare to be worshipped. Explore advanced techniques for the ultimate blowjob.

2. Experience thrilling new sexual adventures with dress up games for passion and fun. Give him...and yourself... stimulating variety with role playing during sex.

3. Every man's fantasy is to watch a woman self pleasure.

4. Turn your body into a vibrator to enhance the pleasure for yourself and him.

photo of MM in bed

5. Satisfy him with amazing handjob techniques. An erotic handjob is a delight by itself...or as an exquisite addition to a perfect blowjob.

6. Unleash Marilyn Monroe's sensuous bedroom secret and you will be a man's erotic fantasy...his very own sex goddess to keep him yours...and only yours.

7. Attract and arouse your man with a Brazilian wax on your bikini line.

The Number 2 Reason Men Cheat:

Excitement...Danger Adds To the Thrill

photo of lipstick on a man's collar

Danger is all about how far you can bend the rules. You can be the adventurous partner he craves.

Keep the surprise and sizzle in your sex life...and your man won't be left thinking that he could feel... something different with another woman because that woman is YOU!

Here are the erotic secrets to drive your man wild with pleasure so hot and satisfying that he can't stop thinking about you.

Excitement builders...

Add a new level of excitement to hot sex with passionate quickies.

1. Add a new level of excitement to hot sex with passionate quickies.

2. Experience new adventures in passionate hotel sex after the Do Not Disturb sign is out.

3. Experience the thrill of making sexy videos as you protect yourself from unwanted exposure and embarrassment.

4. Explore your fantasies with adult films. Discover what arouses you and ignite your sexual passion to new heights.

The Number 3 Reason Men Cheat:

Ego Boost...He Wants to Feel Desirable

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Cheating boosts his male ego. Being adored and desired sexually lifts his...and your...self-esteem.

If your man feels valued by you...he won't want to stray.

Keep that element of anticipation. That sense of expectancy is what elevates sex from mundane to magnificent.

How you make him feel when he is around you is the key to keeping him in love with you.

Here are the strategies to bewitch your man with your skills of seduction as you create the passionate life of your dreams...

Ego boosters...

photo of a woman in bra and panties giving a man a massage

1. Take foreplay beyond primal passion with kissing techniques to keep him coming back for more.

2. Thrill him with an erotic massage using a sensual massage oil candle...or use sexy Nuru gel for a full body massage.

3. Inspire steamy erotic encounters with the hot sexy words he longs to hear. Text erotic and provocative messages to inspire his desire.

4. Tantalize and thrill him as you combine a lap dance and striptease. Enjoy sexy fun and feel irresistibly attractive as his ultimate fantasy.

5. Discover what goes on inside your man's mind...and the mistakes to avoid with him. Use the secrets of effective selling for the ultimate in relationship success to keep him yours without drama.

Cheat-Proof Your Relationship

photo of a man and a woman Keep Him Wanting YOU...and Only YOU!

With your unrivaled skills you will never again will you need to worry about your man desiring another women...or cheating...or leaving you for a more experienced woman.

Imagine having it ALL...right you've never had it before. Enjoy the results that will keep him passionately yours forever.

Sexual variety...excitement...and a healthy ego boost add up to truly GREAT SEX. Don't just read about it...Do it! You will not regret it. Your man will be thrilled.

You have come to the right place! Discover what every woman has always dreamed of knowing! Here are the sex goddess secrets to put the passion in your relationship...whether your relationship is that hot new man you are looking to make your own...or your husband of many years.

Discover more secrets of super sex...

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