Why Do Men Cheat?...
Ella Tru's Journey:

"How Ella Tru Went from Being
A Failure with Men
To Being A Man's Adored Fantasy"

screencap of Ella Tru

Ella Tru

Author of 17 Books

Have you ever asked yourself:
"Why DO men cheat?" Well...you are not alone!

My quest for the answer to that question was prompted by a painful experience in my life.

I was born Ella Katherine in San Francisco, California.

During my childhood I lived in the "Haight". You might recognize my childhood neighborhood as...Haight & Ashbury..."Hippie Ville".

photo of Haight & Ashbury intersection in San Francisco

So you are probably expecting to hear about my wild bohemian upbringing...

But...no...my gorgeous mother was much more "Parisian Chic" than "hippie". She actually wasn't much help teaching me about sex. Oh, the things my momma never told me...because she never knew.

I enjoyed a close and healthy relationship with my father. My charismatic father was an exceptional salesman as well as an architect. I regret not applying what he taught me about sales...and poker playing...earlier in my history with men.

As an only child...I longed for the all-knowing big sister to give me all the answers about sex and relationships.

After completing degrees in Psychology and Communication, I earned an M.S. from U.C. Berkeley. What I really needed was a degree in "How to Have a Successful Relationship"... but they didn't offer that at UCB. The University of California doesn't offer a single course to answer the question: "Why DO men cheat?"

The Conundrum Unveiled

As a woman, I was supposed to not sleep around. But then if I was in bed with a man...I was supposed to be uninhibited and orgasmic.

The subtle assumption is that a woman should know how to have hot sex just because she is born a woman. I was supposed to already know how to be a sex goddess. But I didn't really know how to combine chastity and sexuality.

I didn't enjoy great sex much in my early relationships simply because I really didn't know how. I thought something was wrong with me since I wasn't getting those incredible mind-blowing orgasms that I heard about.

Despite my extensive experience in relationships, I kept repeating the same mistakes over and over again. And I asked myself "Why DO men cheat?" over and over again. I realized I didn't want to lose another man because I didn't know what it took to make it last with him. I was determined to answer that frustrating question "Why DO men cheat?"

A Ticket on the Crazy Train

I had several relationships that lasted for a few years...but I felt that something was missing. My girlfriends had lots of opinions...but most of the information they had was inaccurate and ineffective. I was criticized...judged... used...manipulated...and cheated on...heartbroken.

It never seemed to work with the men I was crazy in love with. "Crazy" should have been a clue there.

The men that I didn't feel insanely attracted to fell insanely in love with ME. These were the men I was relaxed with... and indifferent to...and they were finding me irresistible. And several of these men were very impressive "catches"... if only I had been interested in them!

My first breakthrough to really understanding men...and understanding "Why DO men cheat?" ...was beginning to take shape......that "aha!" moment transformed my life forever.

The Best He's Ever Had

I wanted to learn the skills to become the best lover any man had ever had. But first...I had to find out what those skills were.

I read the dating "rule books" and lots of magazines. I wasted countless hours on the internet digging through unfocused and contradictory information on having better sex and relationships. The odd article here and there only gave unrelated pieces of that puzzling question "Why DO men cheat?"

And this disorganized... and mostly ineffective and inaccurate... information from all these different sources was difficult to pull together.

I now realize I just needed correct information and skills. I understand now where I made the mistakes. All my relationships...both the good and not so good...were great teachers for me.

I was frustrated and still searching...and still asking "Why DO men cheat?" Until it became obvious to me that both sexual expertise and relationship skills are both needed together to be happy and successful with a man.

One without the other just isn't enough.

I realized that sex is a skill that can be improved with knowledge and practice like most other skills.

I discovered this was true after trying every DVD and book I could find. I've personally spent hundreds...maybe thousands...of dollars buying products that claimed to improve my sex life. None of them gave me what I needed. None of them really worked because none of them offered what I needed. Until now, that is. When I created my course...it was really for myself first.

I wanted to know everything there was to know...and do...so I would never lose another man that I wanted. I wanted to ensure that I had no competition in the sex department with my man ever again. I wanted to ensure that I was never merely "okay"...which really means mediocre...in the sex department ever again. I wanted to be what a man really wants...and be it all the way.

I finished my M.Ed. degree and then I got busy learning how great sex really worked with a man.

I read everything I could find. I practiced everything I learned. And...I took notes. Lots and lots of notes.

I made many blunders as I forced my way into the party. I spent far too long in the trenches of frustration and failure.

If something worked...I kept using it. If it didn't work...
I ditched it.

A Satisfying Transformation

After a long string of relationships that never seemed to go anywhere, I finally changed what I was doing and... and the results changed my life! With just a few attitude and tactical adjustments, I had a new vision of men and relationships. I now very clearly understood the answer to "Why DO men cheat?"

I incorporated my research and insights into an organized methodology of sexual and relationship skills...and the results changed my life! I have used the strategies to attract and build an amazing five-year relationship with a very sexy man who has made my journey all worthwhile. Not to mention the impressive sexual expertise that he was always willing to generously share with me.

I finally learned how to have incredible orgasms and really be fulfilled in the bedroom. Having a great sex life has given me more confidence in my life... and brought me more security in my relationship with my man.

I went from being a woman insecure about my sexual skills to an orgasmic little sex kitten who rocks my man's world.

I can't count the times I have said to myself: "If only I had known that sooner..."

Success Can Be Yours

You don't have to go through the same learning curve I did to figure out what really works. I've already done it for you. I have recorded every secret I know into an organized strategy to make it as simple and easy to follow as possible. I never want you to wonder "Why DO men cheat?" I want you to never even have to think about that!

I've got something even more valuable to offer than the academic rhetoric and scientific theories I learned in college...life experience...true insight...strategies tested and found to work.

I have survived the treacherous world of dating and emerged on the other side a confident, happy woman with a rock-solid relationship. And this is what truly makes me qualified to help you.

These methods and techniques have been successful for hundreds of women I have shared them with during the Secrets 2 Keep Him weekend workshops I have shared.

So after countless women in my life urged... "You should write a book!" I took their advice!

I finally decided to write a book...and then another...and then another...to share the insider secrets I have discovered to keep a man...and keep him happy. Over 17 books and I am still typing.

A Real Person

I am sharing years of my real experience and knowledge...successes as well as challenges. I have never been a prostitute or a porn star. I'm not casting judgment...I just want you to know that isn't who I am or have ever been. I share from the viewpoint of a real heterosexual woman because that is what I am.

I created Secrets 2 Keep Him.com to bring my skills and much sought after information to my friends on the internet. I want you to have the benefit of what I have discovered on my long and sometimes frustrating journey.

My mission is to inform...enlighten...and entertain you. I want to spread my passion and joy and offer my support and advice.

I do my best to bring you quality well-organized and comprehensive strategies to inspire...revive your spirit...awaken your best sex life...and create real results in your relationship.

I am grateful to all my readers and invite you to write me with your comments and suggestions.

Sit with me and watch what I have to share with you. If I can do it...so can you!

With my secret weapons there is nothing stopping you from having the intensely satisfying life you deserve...without ever having to cry "Why DO men cheat?"

My courses are for the serious and savvy woman who is ready to discover new sex techniques and fresh ideas...without the offensive sleaze out there.

You Don't Have to Do What I Did to Discover the Secrets to a
Great Sex Life

I want to spare you the embarrassing mistakes I made. I want to spare you the frustration I endured until I discovered the powerful information available to you only in my books and courses. I want to show you the easy way through that wilderness that I stumbled through alone.

I don't know where you are in your journey. Maybe you're like me and you started in your relationship with your man years ago. Maybe you just want to add some hot mojo to an already-working relationship. Or maybe your relationship with your hot new man hinges on how well it works in the bedroom. (Don't they all?)

Where ever you are in your journey with your man...sharing great sex is important to your relationship.

Give me a chance...give yourself a chance...to create what you want in your sex life. Create what you want in your passionate life with my Complete Multimedia Courses.

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