Vibrators...Hard or Soft?

Hard plastic vibrators tend to produce a stronger and more powerful vibration than the silicone-encased vibes...whose softer materials absorb vibration. But harder plastic may not be as comfortable as silicone for insertion.

photo of a hard plastic vibrator

A hard plastic vibrator gives stronger vibrations.

Hard plastic vibrators are usually cheaper than silicone ones. The Conair Touch and Tone Massager is $15 on Amazon.

A plug-in model like this gives a very powerful vibration. If it is too strong for you...use it over your panties.

A vibrator for clitoral stimulation alone doesn't have to be big to pack a punch. You can numb yourself temporarily with a vibrator if it is too intense.

You will probably orgasm with a vibrator quite quickly by using it on or near your clitoris.

The Purring Thrusting Panther

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photo of Thrusting Panther vibrator

The Thrusting Panther is a dual vibrator.

Use a rabbit style vibrator for simultaneous stimulation of both your clitoris and G-spot.

You might find you need that combination of stimulation in order to experience an orgasm.

The Thrusting Panther ($48 on Amazon) is a dual vibrator that stimulates both your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. The Panther has a thrusting motion option that most other rabbit vibrators don't have.

You can insert the main shaft of the vibe into your vagina. The gently curved head of the vibrator makes finding and stimulating your G-spot much easier.

The main shaft of the vibe thrusts up and down and around while the head vibrates and oscillates on your G-spot. The clitoral stimulator is a smaller vibrator that branches out and looks like a panther. You can use one or both of the vibrator functions at the same time.

Five buttons on the Thrusting Panther provide control for...
  • 9 speeds of thrusting.
  • 9 speeds of clitoral stimulation.
  • 5 patterns of vibration.

Explore the three controls separately...and then two and three at a time to discover the exact types of stimulation are the most effective for you. You may even disover new worlds of pleasure you never knew existed.

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