Valentine's Day Safe Sexting

This Valentine's Day, 36% of Americans say they plan to share a sexy photo with their partner...according to a new survey from security company McAfee. According to the in 10 exes has threatened to post a revealing photo of a former partner online...and 60% of those people have followed through with it.

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Give your man a very sexy VD treat without risk of embarrassment.

After a man forwards a compromising photo of you to even one other could be impossible to stop it from spreading. And you don't want the future possibility of an ex with compromising photos of you.

So be very careful. Prevention is the only way to really protect yourself. But you can give your man a very sexy Valentine's Day treat that doesn't put you at risk of embarrassment...either now or in the future.

Here are three sexy...and safer...options for you to try with your man this February 14...or 15...or any day.

Striptease Story

photo of a woman wearing a towel

Have you sent a sext of yourself in a towel?

Or if you are in a serious sexual relationship...

Erotic Link Fantasy Game

photo of a sexy red bra and panties

You can order sexy lingerie online.

Sext your man a series of erotic links throughout the day...

For more "sexty" secrets...

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