Vagina Anatomy

diagram of the exterior anatomy of the genitalia of a woman

The "A-spot" is also called the "AFE-zone".

So just what is a normal vagina...and vulva, anyway? Women's genitals differ greatly in appearance. Their size, shape and color are as unique to each woman as her fingerprint.

Become familiar with your own sexual anatomy. Sit down naked with a mirror and explore your genitals with your hands.

The G Spot isn't a specific "spot"...but a small area on the front wall of your vagina that is very responsive to stimulation.

The "A-spot" or "AFE-zone" or the "Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone" is the female equivalent of the male prostate. The A-spot is a spot on the front wall of the vagina just above the the innermost point. Pressure on the A-spot produces rapid lubrication...even in women who are not normally sexually responsive.

The correct name for a woman's external genitals is "vulva". Just one part of the vulva is the opening to the vagina. The vagina itself is not even considered part of the vulva...since it is inside a woman's body.

Each woman's vulva has the same basic elements...but how they look is different. The range of differences is so great that there actually is no normal when it comes to appearance.

Anatomy of a Woman's Pleasure

diagram of the exterior anatomy of the genitalia of a woman

Each woman's anatomy is unique.

Frontal Commissure

The commissure is where the outer lips meet at the base of the pubic mound...above the hood. A female erection can be felt protruding from the commissure during arousal. The fleshy pad of the commissure is dense with nerve endings and responds extremely well to pressure.

Clitoris...the C-Spot

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman's body. For most women...stimulation of the clitoris is essential to orgasm.

Some women find that having their clitoris touched is too intense and prefer indirect clitoral stimulation...or stimulation by way of the vulva.

Glans of the Clitoris

The glans is the head of the clitoris...the protruding tip. It is a fraction of the size of the head of a male penis...yet contains twice as many nerve endings.

No matter what its size...the number of nerve endings will be the same. Sensitivity has nothing to do with size.

Shaft of the Clitoris

The clitoral shaft is a round segment of erectile tissue. During arousal... roll your finger back and forth just above the glans to feel it.

Usually you'll be able to feel a ridge one-quarter inch to one inch long... which rises toward the pubic bone.


This is a canal that extends from the internal cervix to the external vulva. It is made of muscular tissue and is lined with mucous membrane.

A woman's vagina is approximately 6 to 7 inches in length. It is like a collapsible tube that expands upon entry and collapses upon removal. It is capable of expanding and contracting during intercourse.

The vagina is an incredibly elastic organ that is designed to accommodate different sizes and return to its baseline shape afterwards.

No matter how much sex a woman has...her vagina will not permanently change in size in any substantial way.


Fourchette means "little fork" in French. It is where the outer lips meet at the bottom of the vaginal entrance.

Hood of the Clitoris

The hood is the protective covering of the clitoris formed by the outer edges of the inner lips.

The hood protects the extremely sensitive head of the clitoris. The clitoral hood is like the foreskin of the penis. Friction created by rubbing or stroking the hood will stimulate the clitoris.

Frenulum...The "F-Spot"

The frenulum is the fold of tissue that secures the clitoris. It is located just below the clitoris...where the tops of the inside edges of the inner lips meet. This area is dense with nerve endings and very sensitive.

Urethra...Is the "U-spot" a New Spot?

The urethra is the tiny opening above the vagina through which urine is expelled.

The female urethra is surrounded by spongy erectile tissue that fills with blood when sexually aroused. This is where female ejaculate comes from.

The skin that is directly over this spongy tissue is known as the "U-Spot". It's already very sensitive on its own...but becomes even more sensitive when you are sexually aroused.

Your U-Spot should be well lubricated and touched gently. Gentle stroking across it is usually more pleasurable than pushing on it. It's a spot...not a button.

Labia Minora

The hairless inner lips of the vulva are the labia minora. These inner lips are richly endowed with nerve endings. Some women enjoy stimulation of the inner lips more than clitoral stimulation.

These sensitive inner the outer lips...are unique to each woman.

They may vary greatly in...
  • Appearance.
  • Size.
  • Color... pale
  • Shape.
  • Texture.

They can be...
  • Trim and narrow.
  • Curled inward.
  • Fluted.
  • Flared.
  • Protruding past the outer lips.

Labia Majora

The outer lips vary greatly in size and appearance. The outer lips are analogous to the male scrotum.

They are generally the same color and texture as the skin found everywhere else...but are usually covered with pubic hair.

They can range in appearance from...
  • Fleshy and puffy...covering the clitoris and vaginal opening

  • Thin and flat...revealing the clitoral hood.


The perineum is the smooth area of skin between the vagina and anus. This area is highly sensitive to touch.

Adult Films are Not Real Life

Some women have concerns about the appearance and size of their vulvas.

In particular...some women worry about the shape of their labia minora...which vary significantly from one woman to another...and also from one side of a woman's anatomy to the other.

Adult films have created an unrealistic standard of small, perfectly symmetrical labia...which extremely few women have.

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