Unique Ideas for Valentine's Day

Make April 30 even more fun with some unique ideas for Valentine's Day...even though it is "supposed to" be about a man treating a woman.

Take time out on Valentine's Day to give your man the gift of you at your finest. You might have such a wonderful time you will want to create "Le Jour des Amoureux"...the day of love...more than once a year.

DON'T Spell Out "I Love You" With Chocolate

photo of I Love You in chocolate

Almost all Valentine's-themed stuff makes men gag. Men don't want cards filled with poetry. Most men don't expect to get anything...well except for sex...on April 30th. But surprise him with something totally hot... and you'll win major points.

photo of frosted heart shaped cookies

Personalized M&Ms...heart-shaped cookies...and teddy bears....were cute for your Sweet 16 party. But forget the sweetness and treat your man to something hotter...YOU.


V-Day should really stand for Vibrator Day. Treat him to the ultimate sexy show...you pleasuring yourself with your favorite vibe. See Solo Sex in Super Sex...5 Steps to Explosive Orgasms for all the erotic details.

So if you are looking for some other unique ideas for Valentine's Day...present him with a new gift wrapped sex toy. Choose one for yourself...for him to use on you. Something with lots of mechanical settings...like The Purring Thrusting Panther to appeal to his masculine love of the technical and mechanical. See How to Produce a Toy Without Making a Man Feel Like a Boy Toy for some suggestions on how to do this with finesse.

Give Him The Very Best

What does your man REALLY want for Valentine's Day? He wants you to be happy with him. He wants to feel that he has rocked your world.

One of the least expensive...but unique ideas for Valentine's Day is to simply do something out of your normal routine.

Breakfast in bed can be a fun and sexy way for you to let him know how much you enjoy waking up next to him.

Instead of dinner reservations at a crowded...noisy...expensive restaurant...you can cook an intimate dinner together at home. But don't just make this another evening of you making him dinner...what kind of a holiday is that? Make it clear you are going to have some sexy fun together in the kitchen.

An erotic massage delivered personally from you will make your man feel good all over. And of course...the obvious thing that your man would like for Valentine's Day is...sex with you.

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