Undress a Man in 8 Easy Steps

photo of a woman's hands pulling down a man's pants

Here is your easy guide to how to undress a man without feeling awkward. Add to your man's arousal by helping him to take it all off.

blue checkmark1. Slowly peel your man's clothes off one piece at a time. Spike up the action by turning his clothing into passion props as you shed them.

blue checkmark2. Undo his belt. Slowly pull it out from the belt loops and remove it. Hold the ends together in your hand to form it into a loop. Give him a playful little spank with it and then let it fall to the floor.

picture of Fellatio to Blow His Mind...Oral Super Sex

blue checkmark3. Very slowly and seductively unbutton his shirt. Gently slide it off as you kiss and lick his chest. As you tantalizingly pull the shirt off his shoulders...don't toss it.

blue checkmark4. Keep hold of it as it drapes down his back...barely skimming over his skin. Then grab his wrists and tie him up with the sleeves.

blue checkmark5. Get down on your knees and remove his shoes and socks.

blue checkmark6. Fondle his penis through his pants before you slip them off. Teasingly touch him through the fabric of his shorts.

undress your man in 8 steps

blue checkmark7. From the back...pull the waistband of his shorts down to the top of the crack of his buttocks. Kiss him above the crack and tease him with your tongue for a few seconds.

blue checkmark8. From the front...pull the waistband of his shorts down as far as you can without exposing his penis. Very lightly run your fingertips over the skin of the area. Slowly pull his shorts down... being careful with the elastic over his balls.

You will want to know how to undress a man with finesse to you deliver your signature fellatio feet.

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