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From the complete Super Sex...5 Steps to Explosive Orgasms Course that includes the 285 page digital book and over 3 hours of digital video.

photo of a woman holding a condom behind her back

Condoms for Safer Sex

Recommended condoms to help keep a sex both hot & safer. Lubes to increase pleasure for both of you. Mistakes to avoid for sensational safer sex. The truth about condoms safer oral sex.

photo of a climaxing woman

Conquer the Top 10 Sex Busters

Conquer your sexual challenges. The top 10 relationship problems and their solutions. What if you like your vibrator better than your man...or if you are bored.

photo of a woman on the lap of a man

Cowgirl Position Secrets for a Screaming Orgasm

Cowgirl position secrets to intensify your G spot orgasms during sex. Effective secret for deeper penetration for faster & easier orgasms. How to make your stomach look flatter & your breasts look perkier.

photo of a womans leaning forward on her hands and knees

Doggy Style Secrets for a Screaming Orgasm

Stimulate both your G spot and clitoris with a doggy style sex position. 7 secrets to make doggy style more intense. 2 secrets to turn down the intensity. A technique for extra leverage and penetration.

photo of a woman experiencing orgasm

Secrets for More Intense Orgasms

Intensify your orgasm with these 5 secrets. How to use your Kegels for multiple orgasms. How to improve your stamina for sexual intercourse. Use the Orgasmic Contraction Rate Tip.

photo of a bullet vibrator

Female Orgasm...Expand your Skills

How to use your self pleasure skills to intensify your orgasm during intercourse. Best vibrators to use during intercouse. How to add a toy to intercourse without threatening your man's ego.

photo of a woman leaning back in orgasm

G Spot Orgasm Secrets

How to find & stimulate your G spot for a doubly intense orgasm. Locate your AFE zone for self lubrication of your vagina. Add to your pleasure with the female equivalent of the male prostate.

photo of a condom on a finger

How to Put on a Condom

The 12 step program for how to put on a condom. How to increase sensitivity inside a condom. How to make putting on a condom part of foreplay. What to do while you are putting on a condom.

photo of a womans anatomy

Kegel Exercises

3 effective sexercises to strengthen your Kegel muscles & give you an easier and stronger orgasm. And just think what you will be able to do to him with those PC muscles.

photo of a flavored lube

Lube to Keep Sex Running Smoothly

Best lubes to enhance sexual pleasure and help sex last longer. Little known facts about lubrication in a woman. Lubes & ingredients to avoid. Lubes for intercourse, toys, fellatio & water resistance.

photo of a womans leaning forward on her hands and knees

Missionary Position with a Twist

Discover a G spot trigger for even more intense orgasms. Variations of the missionary position to vary the level of stimulation & penetration. How to enjoy simultaneous climaxes with your man.

photo of two mountain peaks

Multiple Orgasm Secrets

Experience 2 kinds of multiple orgasms with this effective technique. 4 tricks to make multiple orgasms more likely. Use this breathing secret to control your orgasm.

photo of a womans leaning forward on her hands and knees

Oral Sex Positions for an Intense Orgasm

4 ultimate oral sex positions for a faster and stronger oral sex climax. Simulate the feeling of oral sex with a tongue sex-toy. How to give a man effective feedback during cunnilingus.

photo of a womans leaning forward on her hands and knees

Oral Sex Secrets

Powerful cunnilingus tricks for more sexual pleasure from arousal to orgasms. Use your fingers, hand, lips, mouth & tongue to amplify her pleasure during oral sex. Mistakes to avoid.

photo of an oral sex simulator sex toy

Orgasm from Oral Sex

How to intensify your orgasm from oral sex. 4 ultimate positions for a faster oral sex climax. Simulate the feeling of oral sex with a tongue sex-toy. How to give a man effective feedback.

photo of a woman leaning back in orgasm

Orgasm through Self Pleasure

Secrets for easier and faster multiple orgasms with self pleasure. How to use self pleasure during intercourse for more intense pleasure. What to do instead of faking an orgasm.

photo of a rabbit style vibrator

Orgasm with a Vibrator

Add to your sensation & pleasure with a sex toy. How to stimulate your G spot with a vibrator. Essential lubrication secrets for self pleasure. Best and worst sex positions for orgasm.

photo of a woman with a condom between her lips

Putting on a Condom with Your Mouth

Easy step-by-step instructions for putting on a condom using only your mouth. The best kind of condom to use for this. What to do during this application. What to do immediately after it is on.

photo of the naked back of a woman

Sex Positions for a Screaming Orgasm

3 sex positions for experiencing more intense multiple orgasms. Supersize your pleasure as you add to your comfort, sensation & stamina during sex.

photo of a woman experiencing orgasm

Sex Toys for Multiple Orgasms

Intensify your orgasms with a dual vibrator. Easy to follow orgasm control techniques for a faster climax. Use 2 sex toys to amplify your pleasure right through to multiple orgasms.

photo of a womans leaning forward on her hands

Sex Videos without Risk

Smarter & safer solutions for making a sex video to reduce risk of exposure. How to look better naked. What to do & not to do, on camera to reduce risk of embarrassment.

diagram of the anatomy of a woman

Vagina Anatomy

Just exactly what is normal in the genitals of a woman? Discover exactly which part of your clitoris and vagina is the most sensitive. Locate your fourchette, frenulum, U-spot and AFE zone.

photo of a woman holding a pill between her teeth

Viagra for Women

Explore the use of Viagra for women. Triggers for female sexual dysfunction. The most important female sex organ for arousal. Discover a non-chemical aphrodisiac to turn yourself on.

photo of a womans tongue on her lips the Thrusting Panther

Vibrator Orgasm Step by Step Guide

How to experience the most intense vibrator orgasm. How to teach your body to experience multiple and almost continuous orgasms during sex.

photo of a woman in the sheets

Vibrators Hard or Soft

Add to your sexual pleasure by stimulating both your G spot & clitoris with a unique vibrator. Easy tricks for more powerful multiple orgasms. A vibrator for more intense clitoral stimulation.

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