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Do you want to know what really goes on in the mind of a man?
Learn the secrets of what works...and doesn't work...with a man.

photo of a woman whispering in the ear of a man

Dirty Talk 10 Secrets to Heat Him Up

Enhance your sex life with dirty talk. Words & phrases for a sexy erotic encounter with your man. Make your voice sound sexier with this easy secret. Express your pleasure to intensify sex.

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Dirty Talk Secrets

Why you need to talk dirty during sex. How to feel confident about talking dirty. What his ego really needs to hear. The sexiest thing of all to say. Examples of sexy phrases to say.

photo of a woman holding a man and a gift

Gift Ideas for Men

One of the best gift ideas for men is a personal collection of photos of his woman. Boudoir photos are sexy and flattering. Discover how to boost your confidence as you create a memorable gift.

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Secrets to Heat Up the Passion

How to keep a man wanting more. When and why to first have sex with a man, and when not to. How to avoid sabotaging yourself. The biggest mistake to avoid if you want a long-term commitment.

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Secrets to Success with Men

Discover the secrets of using effective sales strategies to have success with men. What a man wants in a woman for a relationship. How to get the results you want with any man you want.

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Sex is Like Poker

How to fuel a man's attraction & intense desire for you. Don’t make this terrible mistake with a man. How to keep your power in a relationship. Use the psychology of sales to get what you want.

photo of a cell phone

Sexting Secrets

How to sext text provocative messages without being raunchy. 5 reasons to text a man. Top 10 texting caveats. Importance of timing in texting. How a man tests a woman by texting.

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Risk-Free Sexting

Protect yourself from risk of embarrassment while sexting your man some very sexy eye candy. 4 sexty stories to enhance his memory of you. Move your relationship to the next sexty level.

photo of lipstick on the collar of a man

Why Do Men Cheat?

Have ever asked..."Why do men cheat?" Explore the top 3 real reasons here. Discover how to cheatproof your relationship.

Massage, Lap Dance and Striptease

photo of the leg of a woman wearing fishnets and a satin gloved arm

Lap Dance and Striptease Secrets

Mesmerize your man as you combine a dirty lap dance and striptease. Rules of engagement for explosive results. Wardrobe Do's and Don'ts for sexy performing.

photo of a woman on the lap of a man

Lap Dance Secrets

Fuel your man's desire for you & boost your self confidence by combining a striptease routine with a lap dance. Feel sexy & naughty as you build his anticipation & arousal.

photo of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe's Sexy Bedroom Secret

What was Marilyn Monroe's sexy bedroom secret that sent JFK...and all her lovers...absolutely wild...and coming back for more? Feel like a powerful sex goddess as you unleash this secret.

photo of the hands of a woman on the chest of a man

Massage as Foreplay

Enjoy giving your man a step-by-step erotic massage as a prelude to sex. A non-oily lube to use for a massage. Discover percussion techniques. How to use a baker's basic on him.

photo of the hands of a woman on a man

Massage 17 Erotic Points

Add to the pleasure of oral sex with these 17 acupressure points on a man's genitals and butt. How to use sensual massage during a blowjob for a relaxing & intimate connection.

photo of the naked back of a man

Massage Secrets

Sexy massage tips & tricks to connect more intimately with your partner. How to use sensual massage as foreplay to increase relaxation & arousal. Recommended product for lubrication.

photo of a woman massaging the back of a man

Massage with Nuru Gel

Amaze your man with a sensual full body-to-body massage using Nuru gel. Feel like a powerful, wet-n-wild sex goddess.

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