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photo of the garter of a woman lying on a bed

A garter belt is a sublimely sexy classic.

Sassy and naughty... stockings and a garter belt bring the sexy.

"Stockings" that are not labeled as "thigh highs" need a garter belt to stay up. That is not necessarily a bad thing...especially if your skin is sensitive to the silicone bands at the top of thigh highs.

A thigh high is a piece of hosiery with a stay up band on the top. The band holds the hosiery in place on your upper leg without a garter belt. Thigh highs do not NEED a garter belt...but a garter belt is always a sexy option.

Unlike grandma's pantyhose...thigh highs are both comfortable and sexy. There are no uncomfortable waistbands that cut into your with pantyhose or tights.

And can be both seductive and comfortable. With thigh highs and a garter belt...proper fit is everything to a flattering look and comfort.

Size Matters

The size is mostly about length of the thigh...your height. Most quality hosiery products have two sizes or more. One size does not fit all.

It is essential that you have length on your thigh highs. Wear them high on your thigh for the most flattering look.

photo of a sexy garter belt

A well-fitting garter belt is comfortable as well as sexy.

If your thigh highs are too short...the stocking top will cut into your leg line and make your legs look shorter and thicker.

A garter belt with shorter straps will have your stockings reach higher on your thighs. You want a garter belt with adjustable straps for the best and most comfortable fit.

Top of Your Game

You want a top band that is snug...but not so tight that it cuts into your thigh. A thick (6 inches or so) band of elastic lace can fit better than a thin strip of elastic.

Higher quality thigh highs have one or more silicone bands holding the stocking in place. Double or triple silicone bands provide better comfort and reliability.

You want a non-irritating top edge. Not a rubbery latex plastic. A beautiful garter belt is more comfortable than skin irritation. And irritated red skin isn't sexy.

Silicone works better than latex or elastic for the top band because it...
  • Gently but firmly adheres to your skin.
  • Does not pinch or squeeze uncomfortably.
  • Does not create that unflattering "muffin top" effect.

If the band is too tight you will get an unflattering "muffin top" effect. Try a larger size or different brand or style.

Shopping without Dropping

You can shop for quality stockings online.

Denier refers to the thickness. The higher the denier...the thicker and heavier the thread used.

Lower denier (20 or less) thigh highs are sheer and light. Higher denier (50 or more) thigh highs are thicker and warmer.

Higher quality thigh highs aren't made with nylon...they are made with high-quality microfiber for a smooth, soft feel. Nylon is coarser and can feel scratchy.

Sheer, silky black thigh highs are a wardrobe necessity. Black fishnets can be a fun addition...especially for sexy role playing scenarios.

For a high quality...and very silky...stocking...a worthwhile splurge ($36) are the Wolford's Individual 10 Denier Thigh High Stockings.

With the Wolford 10 Denier you won't be able to stop touching your legs. Wear these with a sexy garter during sex and give your man a thrill.

Get it On

To put thigh highs on...
  • Remove your jewelry and make sure your fingernails and toenails are filed smooth to protect your thigh highs from runs and holes.
  • Roll up the thigh high all the way to the toe.
  • Gently place your foot into the garment.
  • Carefully roll the thigh high all the way up.
  • Ideally...the band should end about one inch from your inseam.
  • Be careful not to tug or pull too hard and rip your stocking.
  • Make sure the band is smooth against your leg and level.

photo of fishnet stockings in open toe shoes

Fishnets look sexy peeking out from an open toe shoe.

Gently wash your hosiery in the washing machine in a net garment bag on the gentlest setting with cold water. Lay your thigh highs flat on a towel to air dry. Don't hang your thigh highs to dry. The weight of the water will make them stretch out of shape.

Generally thigh highs look better with closed-toed shoes. But fishnet thigh highs look cute peeking out of an open-toed shoe.

Explore all your options in sexy stockings...your legs will thank you.


photo of black silk stockings on the legs of a woman

Hide some black silk stockings under the pillow. Straddle him and lean in for a kiss. Pin his arms playfully over his head and then produce the stockings.

Tie his hands to the bed with the stockings and make him watch you self-pleasure. Then give him a blowjob.

Next time...blindfold him and tie him spread-eagle.

Torture him with pleasure...keeping him just at the brink of orgasm for as long as you can.

The blindfold will enhance his sense of touch.

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