STDs from Oral Sex

Is Fellatio Risky?

It is easier not to think about diseases from oral sex... since the thought of a mouthful of latex may not seem that appealing or intimate. But you need to consider the risks of diseases from oral sex...and make an informed decision to take care of yourself.

When giving a man fellatio when he has a condom on you don't have to worry about swallowing when he cums.

Fellatio carries a lower risk for the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) than unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse or unprotected cunnilingus. But there IS risk involved... for both partners.

Always use a condom...even for giving oral sex.

If your man has a can catch it through oral sex. You don't want a hot round of fellatio to become a bittersweet memory of the times before you caught whatever diseases from oral sex.

HIV...the virus which causes AIDS...does have a harder time infecting you through your mouth. If you brush your teeth just before or after giving oral sex it can cause tiny cracks in your gums which the HIV virus can pass through. Giving oral sex after eating certain crunchy foods can also do the same thing. Overall, is rare to contract HIV through oral sex alone.

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are two diseases from oral sex which can be easily transmitted by giving a man oral sex. Most people do not notice any symptoms. But both are easily tested for and cured. If will spread it to anyone you give oral sex to until the infection is treated.

Hepatitis B can also be acquired by giving oral sex. The symptoms are like a bad flu that lasts for around 6 months.

Herpes virus causes cold sores and genital herpes. These diseases from oral sex can spread between the giver and the receiver of oral sex. It's nasty looking...painful...and incurable. It may show no visible signs even while infectious.

Syphilis is a nasty micro-organism which can also be spread by giving or receiving oral sex. It shows up as a hard sore on the infected part of the body and spreads through contact. It's treatable but a widespread infection can cause permanent damage to your vital organs.


Be Prepared

Imagine the sexy, naughty ways you can add condoms to your erotic encounters...such as having a condom tucked in your garter belt...or the top of your boot.

Non-lubricated condoms are the best for giving oral sex because they're not coated with that vile-tasting silicone lube of lubricated condoms. Silicone lube not only tastes disgusting...but is also hard to get out of your mouth.

picture of System Jo H20 Flavored Lubricant

For oral sex...System Jo H2O Banana Lick Flavored Lubricant (5.25 ounces $9) is excellent.

It also comes in Tropical Fruit, Strawberry Kiss, Tangerine Dream and Raspberry Sorbet flavors.

It is lightly flavored without sugar or much glycerin...and has no aftertaste.

Drop a little lube on the tip of his penis and a drop or two inside the tip of the condom before putting it on him.

Dribble lots of lube over his condom-covered penis and rub the lube around gently a bit.

It can be a treat to have a little something extra to lick...that makes your strokes longer and more focused. But skip the oily stuff with condoms...that includes whipped cream and chocolate, too.

No matter how completely you think you are licking it off...even the smallest amount of oil can cause a condom to break.

Oils of any kind are difficult to flush out of the vagina.

If you don't have any lube on hand you will have to gather a lot of saliva in your mouth. That can be keep lube stored with the condoms.

Recommended Condoms for Fellatio

picture of Durex non-lubricated condoms Durex Dry Non-lubricated Condoms are average sized condoms with a classic shape and reservoir tip.
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Trojan Non Lubricated Condoms are a favorite for fellatio. These are longer than average...with a reservoir tip. picture of Trojan ENZ non-lubricated condoms
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picture of Lifestyles non-lubricated condoms Lifestyles Non-Lubricated Condoms have a reservoir tip. They are the widest non-lubricated condoms.
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Trustex Assorted Flavored Non Lubricated Condoms have a reservoir tip.

picture of Truxtex flavored condoms
These come packaged in an assortment of 5 flavors...
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Lifestyles Kiss of Mint Condoms are the most popular condoms for oral sex. These non-lubricated condoms feature a mint flavored powder.

These condoms are thinner than most. They have an extremely flared shape that makes them wider at the tip to give him more sensation. They are slightly shorter than most...with a reservoir tip.
picture of Lifestyles kiss of mint condoms

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