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Indulge yourself with some new sexy sheets and make your own home a sensual and relaxing space for your private time...your own escape from the world.

Use your new sexy sheets to make your place as relaxing as a trip to a luxury spa...the ultimate in affordable spa vacations.

Your home sanctuary can be the sensual setting for you to give your man the most memorable show of his life as his
"Private Dancer".

Pleasure Palace

photo of a luxury hotel suite

Create the uncluttered feeling of a luxury hotel suite by getting rid of the clutter and making space.

You send a message that you are tied to the past if your home is filled to the brim with old junk.

Your house isn't a comfortable place to relax if it is too crowded by mementos from the your collection of stuffed animals or dolls. Memories of your old love are even less appealing in your home sanctuary.

Always have a place to sit down... hang some extras clothes...and put a few extra items in your bathroom.

Clear the clutter and let fresh new energy flow into your life.

Look at what your bedroom says about your attitude towards sex.

Is this a place a man is going to enjoy waking up in?

Think luxury hotel...not sorority house. Make the whole room feel like a retreat.

A pile of decorative throw pillows on the bed...or the sofa...doesn't look all that decorative after they are tossed on the floor.

photo of a pile of magazines

Old magazines... shoes... laundry... baskets filled with plastic artichokes... this clutter is man poison.

Stash all the stress-inducing your bills and office equipment... somewhere other than your bedroom.

And purge your bedroom of family photos. Your man doesn't want to have sex with you while looking at a photo of your mother.

Compromise on Color

photo of a pink bed

Men tend to prefer neutral colors like taupe and beige...rather than red or gold.

No man wants to sleep on a bed from Barbie's dream house. Nothing beats the fresh clean look of white. You can't go wrong with white sexy sheets. And you can use bleach on white cotton. Clean sheets are sexy sheets.

A Cozier Couch

If your sofa fabric is a comfy cotton or microfiber slipcover. It's easier to feel uninhibited on the sofa knowing that it is machine washable, anyway.

Fold a soft fleece blanket to cuddle under with your man over one arm of the couch.

photo of a chaise lounge chair

A medium-size woven basket by the side of your couch will help keep clutter at bay...and provide a place to keep the remote from getting lost.

A thick, overstuffed chaise lounge is an alluring piece of furniture. You can position yourself in a variety of pleasurable ways. Plump cushions and sturdy arm rests will elevate your eroticism to an even higher level.

Putting on the Ritz

photo of a luxury hotel bed

The bed you use for sex ought to have a special...exotic...other-worldly feeling...almost like an altar.

Make a luxury hotel bed your own...and triple sheet your 5 star bed with fresh linens. You can buy luxurious feeling sexy sheets with a high cotton thread-count-per-inch...without the cheesiness of cheap satin. Invest in some thick, fluffy hotel robes to lounge around in to complete the hotel ambiance.

Television is a major intimacy killer.

Turn the TV off...unless you want to add porn to your show. If you may find hard-core segments less distracting than porn laden with plot and dialogue. Or just turn off the volume on the TV...and turn your music up.

Use your bedroom for three things...sleep...snuggling... and sex. Sleep therapists will tell you this is better for your sleep health...and it is definitely better for your sex life.

Banish the pets from your bed. It isn't sexy to sleep with a dog or cat.

Music is the Food of Love

Don't forget the music of seduction. Your man probably doesn't want that sentimental stuff. Give him something with a beat to it...something a little more rock and roll...or some sexy blues music. Choose music that is not distracting...but puts you in a sexy and upbeat mood.

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Sensual Mood Lighting

photo of up-lighting in a bedroom

Give those sexy sheets in your bedroom a sensual and sexy vibe with some soft and flattering lighting. Low lighting may seem like a cheesy cliché...but it really can set a mood in your home.

Create a soothing atmosphere by putting your living room lights on a dimmer.

Overhead lights are not your friend.

Uplighting is very flattering...and calming. Try a pink or peach-tinted floodlight in a canister in the corner of your room.

Flameless candles are much safer than the traditional burning ones. You can get a set of three pillars from for less than $10...delivered with batteries included.

Fragrance as Foreplay

A man isn't likely to enjoy an overly strong room fragrance. Don't go overboard with potpourri products...especially strong floral ones. If your place is shouldn't smell badly. Use the range vent and open a window to air out cooking odors. Trying to cover the smell of fish or garlic with cheap room spray doesn't work, anyway.

Research shows men are most aroused by the scent of... picture of cinnamon roll home fragrance wax melts

Pick a scent for sex...for the bedroom. You can even create a combination of scents by combining two wax melts. Soon...he'll begin to link that fragrance to one Light that wax warmer candle to turn him on with a scent that he associates with your naked body.

Alter Your Mood Without Medication

photo of a woman 
in a sexy bustier and stockings

Wear something sexy. Sexy lingerie will help get you in the well as provide your man with some eye candy.

Look your best so that you can feel your best on your new sexy sheets.

photo of a bed reflected in a 
 full length mirror

Your sexy bed can be the sensual backdrop for you to give your man the most memorable dirty lap dance of his life.

If you have never had sex in front of big mirror...try it. You really need more than one large mirror to be able to see clearly.

It is worth the effort of positioning multiple mirrors...not only for voyeur thrill...but to see how amazing you look having sex. Your man will love watching you from all angles.

Have Hotel Sex at Home

photo of a do not disturb sign on a hotel doorknob

Use your clean sexy sheets to have "hotel sex" at home. Order delivery for dinner...and get into "do not disturb" mode by turning off your cell phones.

Transform midweek dinner into dining with some tiny adjustments to the atmosphere.

Pull out your nicest dishes and light a couple of candles...even if you're just having a pepperoni pizza.

photo of a woman eating a chocolate dipped strawberry

For the ultimate hotel-style indulgence...set up a tray of champagne with strawberries and chocolate to savor after sex.

Drizzle each other with champagne and lick it off as it fizzes on your skin. Enjoy your home as your private sensual deserve it.

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