Sexy Bed for
5 Star Luxury

Clutter Isn't Sexy

Enjoy a sexy bed worthy of a 5 star luxury hotel in your own home. What makes a luxury hotel room so sumptuous?

To start with...clutter is NOT sexy...enough said.

photo of a cluttered messy bedroom

This is the stuff of which dreams...and sex...are made...

photo of luxury hotel bed

Ah...The Possibilities

a photo of a brass bed

If you are buying a headboard... consider a brass headboard. Maybe it isn't exactly your idea of the best in decorating...but you will add possibilities for sexual fun with one. Some silk stockings used as a blindfold and hand restraints...and you have an erotic fantasy in the making.

Your 5 star bed can be used with erotic fantasy themes to spice things up. Ask your man what he thinks about the possibilities for a brass headboard...I dare you...

A Broken Down Old Mattress Is NOT a Sexy

An old broken down mattress is NOT sexy...or good for your back.

photo of broken down mattress
photo of a pillowtop mattress

For a good night's need a nice sexy mattress. A good mattress doesn't have to be crazy expensive. I purchased this nice pillow top mattress (manufactured locally) for $400 delivered. They even removed my old one and "set up" the new one for me.

No Pets Allowed

Fido...or NOT need to sleep with you.

photo of a dog in master's bed

Really...sleeping with pets isn't sexy! And if you aren't you think your boyfriend really wants to sleep with you AND your cat?

Believe me...when he fantasies about a three-way it isn't with you and your cat or dog!

Pets...and children...need their own beds outside your closed bedroom door. Train then to sleep in their own rooms... you will all be healthier and happier for it.

Make the Luxury Hotel Bed Your Own

photo of a luxury hotel bed

Who doesn't love the smooth luxury sheets at a luxury hotel?

Start with crisp cotton linens in luxuriously high thread counts.

Thread count (tc) means the number of threads woven together in a square inch. In general...the higher the thread count...the softer the fabric feels, but the quality of the fibers and finish are also very important to the sheet's comfort.

A 1000 thread count sheet is very thick. But they feel great...heavy but not hot...because of the 100% cotton. The weight is luxurious...even higher quality than the best 5 star hotel provides. You may spend more than you have on sheets...but they are worth it. And if you triple won't be spending money on a spread.

Egytian cotton has extra-long fibers for creating sumptuous softness and unsurpassed durability.

CAVEAT...High quality Eqyptian cotton sheets will possibly shrink a lot. The washing instructions say to launder in cold water...but the dryer will shrink them anyway. Remove them immediately at end of the dryer cycle so they won't be too wrinkled. I bought a queen size set for my queen size mattress and they shrank so much that I couldn't get the fitted sheet on the mattress. I use them on the full size mattress in the guest room. They are still sumptuous, though.

I would highly recommend you buy the California King size (72"x84") for a queen size (60"x80") mattress, to allow for shrinkage. A regular king size is the same length as a queen after shrinkage the fitted sheet may be too short to fit on your queen size mattress.

photo of high quality 1000 tc Egytian 
cotton sheets

A king size pillowcase (21" x 42") is longer than a standard pillowcase (21" x 32"). Just make sure your pillows aren't exceptionally thick...or the 1000tc pillowcase may not fit after shrinkage. The length of the pillowcase should be no problem.

The best buy I have found on high quality, high thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets was ordering online from Walmart...$230 for 2 sets of high quality 1000 thread count Egytian cotton sheets...including delivery.

You'll need to order 2 sets to receive 2 bottom sheets (they wear out faster than the top sheets, so this works out nicely), 2 top sheets (which you will need for triple sheeting), and 4 pillow cases.

Triple Sheeting...
A Luxury Triple Play

Clean luxury sheets are an instant boost to your libido. There is nothing like the feeling when you first walk into a luxury hotel room and see those clean sheets waiting for you.

photo of 
decorative hotel sheet

1. A fitted sheet goes on top of the mattress cover. Pull it taut from corner to corner until the mattress is covered.

2. Shake out the flat sheet so it lays evenly over the mattess pad. Adjust the sheet so a similar length drapes down either side of the mattress.

Moving to the head of the mattress...lift the end of the sheet and lay the hem in one smooth line with the edge against the headboard.

Return to the end and smooth the sheet flat and the excess dangles toward your feet.

3. The blanket goes on over the flat sheet.

photo of a duvet

Duvets create bulky corners...and are much more difficult to launder frequently than blankets. And a clean linens are always sexier.

Blankets make it easier to get nice, crisp corners. It is easy to layer blankets for colder climates...and remove the extra layers in the summer.

Shake out the blanket until it lies flat and even. Adjust the blanket until a similar length hangs down either side of the mattress.

Stand at the head of the mattress and lift the blanket until the top edge is pulled up about 6"-12" short of the headboard. Check that the blanket is spread out smoothly.

photo of triple sheeting a bed

Fold the top sheet back over the blanket to protect the sleeper's face from the rough fabric...and to keep the blanket clean.

Give the top sheet and blanket two swift hospital corners (see below) at the foot...leaving the sides loose to ease tucking yourself in.

Hospital Corners

hospital corners photo 1 of 3

Tuck the top sheet and blanket together under the foot of the mattress.

hospital corners photo 2 of 3

When you are done, the dangling fabric at the sides will have made a short U-turn back along the length of the mattress. Pinch the U between your fingers and pull it toward the headboard...parallel to the mattress.

hospital corners photo 3 of 3

Then tuck the hanging corners of the sheet and blanket together under the mattress.

4. The second flat sheet goes on over the blanket. Shake out the sheet until it lies down evenly.

Adjust the sheet until a similar length hangs down either side of the mattress.

Lift the sheet until the top hem in pulled up a few inches from the headboard. It should overlap the blanket by 2" or more. Smooth the sheet out on top.

5. Fold the top of the sheets back 6". Fold just the sheets...don't include the blanket.

6. Fold back another 6". This time fold both the sheets and the blankets. The sheets are folded back twice...but the blanket is only folded once.

7. Tuck in both top sheets and the blanket...being careful to create neat corners.

photo of putting a pillowcase on a pillow

8. To save your pillows from oils and soiling...avoid grasping them under your chin to pull on the pillowcases. Instead...lay them on the bed and inch the cases on with rocking hand motions. A vertical shaking should take care of the rest.

If the length of the case overwhelms the pillow...tuck the top surface over the end and just inside the bottom fabric. Fold the extra bottom fabric in after it to form a smooth if the pillow's lips were inside out. Your pillows will look smooth this way.

9. Place the pillows on the bed. In most luxury hotels you will find four pillows on a queen size mattress...and five on a king size.

With luscious clean sheets to slip will feel like you are staying at an expensive hotel...minus the room service.

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