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photo of the hand of a woman holding panties

A picture is worth 160 characters.

Sexting sexy images can be a fun way to spice up your relationship. Texting is the information age's answer to foreplay. in 10 exes has threatened to post a revealing photo of a former partner online...and 60% of those people have followed through with it.

After a man forwards a compromising photo of you to even one other could be impossible to stop it from spreading. And you don't want the future possibility of an ex with compromising photos of you.

You can be careful when sexting your man some sexy eye candy so you don't put yourself at risk of embarrassment...either now or in the future. Prevention is the only way to really protect yourself. Practice safe sexting with your man…you won't regret it.

Sexting your man a hot visual image of you will let him see what he is missing. You can send simple pictures to start out...but as you do this your man will start to expect a bit more.

Texting sexy images can even be a good way to move your relationship to the next level and get more comfortable with each other.

Visual Creativity

If you are don't need to be graphic or display nudity...just enhance the memory.

Send your man a picture of your glossy painted fingernail and tell him where you are touching yourself with it at that moment. Or send him a picture of your favorite sex toy and tell him how you will be using it later.

When you are sexting a picture of yourself to a man...double check to make absolutely sure you are sending the message to the right person. It would be beyond embarrassing to accidently send a sexy picture of yourself to your boss or your entire contact list.

Before you send your man a sexy picture...warn him that it is coming make sure that he is in a private place away from unintended viewers. Send your man an erotic picture of you with...

Your hot image will be stuck in his head until he has passionate sex with you.

Describe to him in your sext what you are doing when you take the picture...

Have fun with this experience but keep it as anonymous as possible. Don't forget to keep your face out of the picture. Make sure you send a picture you don't mind your man showing his friends.

Never send completely nude photos of yourself to your man ...even without your face. He will probably forward them to his friends for the ego boost. After you break up...or even before...they may be put on the internet.

If your relationship takes a you really want your naked body parts on the internet? That is more exposure than you may want.

Sexty Shots

photo of panties on the floor


You could send a cell phone picture of your...
  • Panties on the floor.
  • Panties on your partially naked crotch in the mirror.
  • Breasts in the mirror.
  • Seated crotch.
  • Abdomen and the bottom of your breasts.
a photo of knees made to look like breasts

You can even have fun getting creative, like this pic of a woman's knees made to look like breasts:

photo of the cleavage of a woman


Name That Curve

Using your cell camera...take shots that show just a hint of different curves on your body...your hips...breasts... and then send them to your man one at a time. Send a message with each picture...

  • "Can you guess which part of me this is?"

Striptease Story

photo of a woman wearing a towel

How about sexting yourself in a towel?

  • Start out by sending a picture of your completely clothed upper body...without your face.
  • Send another picture with your top open to reveal your bra.
  • The next one you are down to your bra.
  • Then you are in your bra with the straps down...
  • Just take this as far as you are comfortable...short of anything really risky.

Or if you are in a serious sexual relationship...

Erotic Link Fantasy Game

photo of a sexy red bra and panties

You can order sexy lingerie online.

Begin by sexting your man a series of erotic links throughout the day...
  • Start by sexting some lingerie you have ordered online.
  • An hour or two later send a link for a sex toy...
  • Follow that up a few hours later with a site describing a sex position to try.
  • At noon, divulge more of your pleasure plot. "My place. 8. Bring a necktie and whipped cream."
  • When he shows up at 7:30... grab the props...make him comfortable on the sofa...and quickly retreat to another room.
  • Then dial his cell from behind the bedroom door and tell him... "I want to tie you to my bedpost and lick whipped cream off every last inch of you."
  • Keep up the teasing texts until he barges right in.

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