Sexting Secrets

The Sex Toy Hiding in Your Purse

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This sex toy in your purse is tiny and sleek and can turn him on in 60 seconds or less. You'll never look at your cell the same way again.

It has carnal capabilities...a passion prop in disguise. Use your cell phone to channel your inner sex goddess.

What is Sexting?

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Sexting is the art of text messaging sexually suggestive or explicit images or words to build arousal.

Sexting is like phone sex...only you aren't talking to the man directly you are sending text messages and photos.

Sexting can be an erotic and provocative way create and amplify sexual tension.

5 Reasons to Text Him

  • 1. Texting is a lot less scary than calling someone. If you are a bit shy or embarrassed about talking dirty in person or over the phone...sexting is a good way to practice.
  • 2. Even if you can't talk can text dirty. It's easier to flirt and send sexy messages over the cell phone than in person.
  • 3. Texting is the perfect solution when you are interested in an incredibly attractive man that intimidates you.
  • 4. Sext messaging is an exhilarating way to build sexual tension.
  • 5. Send your man sexually suggestive messages to build his anticipation when you are planning to see him.

Top 10 Caveats

1. Don't text him...except to answer his texts...until after your first few dates.

It may be tempting to contact a guy after an amazing date...but resist the urge. Reaching out lessens the thrill of the chase for him.

2. Don't go overboard with sext messages.

Texting him too often can just be annoying. No one likes to be bombarded with an overload of text messages.

One or two suggestive texts...priceless. Twenty smutty texts sent one right after another... enough to make him have you permanently blocked from his cell phone.

Don't become the dreaded "Questionator" ...firing off one question after another. It is irritating and he will lose interest.

3. Don't get too obsessive or overwhelm him.

Obsessive is not sexy. Too much is too much. Overkill and too many sexual innuendoes may seem creepy.

Especially when in the throes of new love...there is such a thing as too much texting. The hotter a new man is...the less you should be texting him. Firing off too many messages can kill a budding relationship.

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4. Use self control so you don't look needy and kill the attraction.

You give a man the emotional upper hand when he knows you are emotionally compromised and in a temporarily insane state over him.

5. Don't be the "I'm on crack and I need constant attention" texter just because you are really into a man.

You look desperate when you are sending texts before receiving a reply or send junk texts just to get a response.

6. Don't text him if you have already texted him that day.

You'll regret that "Just wanted to make sure you got my last message" follow-up to an text.

7. Keep your text conversation short and exit after 10 minutes.

You just don't have any more time than that. Set a silent timer if you have to. After 10 minutes say: "Hey I've got to go. Text me later."

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8. Be especially careful because texts you send can forever stored in a phone's memory.

Don't show your face in a sexy photo you send. Think plausible deniability. If you'd be embarrassed for your mom to see it... think twice before sending it. Even if this man still likes you...he will very possibly share a hot picture with all his friends.

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9. Double check before sending any messages...especially if you're texting quickly.

Especially if you're going to talk dirty...check who the recipient is before hitting the send button.

10. Don't drink and text.

Your judgment is impaired when intoxicated and you just won't represent your best self.

Sext under the influence and you may text the wrong thing or the wrong person. You wouldn't want to accidentally send a provocative photo to your boss after a long night of drinking.

Timing is Almost Everything

Texting is conversation in slow motion.
Don't try to use text like you would speak...text moves about a tenth as fast as normal conversation. Use the extra time in the situation to your advantage.

Don't text back immediately expecting an immediate response.

Wait at least as long or longer to respond as it took him to get back to you. Making him the one waiting for you means you are setting the pace.

Let him wonder why you don't seem quite as interested as he is...and he might try harder.

If he doesn't text you back right ISN'T okay to send him another text.

Never send more than one text at a time. He sends a text...then you reply. Get a text...send a text.

Don't ever send multiple texts without getting a response from the first one!

A Sign a Man Is Into You...

He Texts You Between Noon and 5 p.m.

The truest sign of a man's interest...assuming you've been on a few dates...has to do with when he's sending his texts.

If he texts you sometime between noon and 5 p.m...he's waited just long enough not to look desperate...but he's leaving enough time for the two of you to make solid plans. Any text after that means you're an afterthought or his other plans fell through and he wants to get out of his house.

Anything after 11 p.m. is a booty call.

If he texts you at 4 a.m. with "hye baby im drnkn and i wana see u. come outsid" ...forget about him.

Be Hard to Get...
or Easy to Forget

When you are text a man he is testing you to see if you are needy... funny...intelligent...or just good for sex. Use this opportunity to present your most attractive image.

He Can't Resist an
Irresistible Challenge

photo of an irresistible challenge

Less is more. Edit your messages down...remove rather than add something. Keep it lean and interesting...not fat and dull.

When you are have time to be interesting and fun and to be the exciting person that is really you.

Write something funny. Make him smile. Playful and funny is an attractive way to text. A good sense of humor is a turn on. Read more in... Be Even More Irresistible to Him By Using Humor from Success With Men...7 Ultimate Secrets.

Unless you know this man very well and he's sent you an explicit text... it's sexier to write something clever than raunchy.

Use innuendo instead of being overtly sexual at first.

You want to be playful and challenging instead of "nice". You don't want to be his "nice friend". unpredictable and intriguing. Read more in...Challenge = Attraction from Success With Men...7 Ultimate Secrets.

Leave the details to his imagination and write something suggestive.'re trying to be kinky...not sleazy.

It is best to avoid using words that overtly sexual until you are in an established sexual relationship with a man. When you do test the water with a few sexy can add a smiley face at the end...just in case he misinterprets what you said.

Text Messaging to Sext Him Up has some examples to get you started with some sexy texting.

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