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The Intelligent Woman's Guide

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Has your man ever suggesting making some sex videos? Seeing yourselves having sex feels taboo. You also get to see how your partner is responding and how you look when you're getting off.

Making sex videos...intelligently...means...

It is every man's fantasy..."Can I videotape us having sex?" This can provide the exhibitionist thrill of being on well as the voyeuristic thrill of watching yourself later.

You shouldn't make any sex videos if you would mind if it became public. You need to consider this very carefully before you start the camera.

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Do you trust your man 100%? Really? If he gets mad at you he could post the sex videos on the internet. How would you feel if your sex videos were seen by your friends or coworkers? How would you feel right now knowing your ex had a video of you having sex?

If you're just a few months into a relationship and want a sexy thrill...blowjob home video production is not for you. If a short-term fling could find your raunch-fest on the internet if it's in the hands of a bitter ex.

Personally...I think the ideal solution to making a sex videos could be to make a video of you giving him oral sex. That way, you can be less exposed...let him take the "risk". And you only have to get as naked as you feel comfortable with.

Making sex videos during Oral Super Sex...will add another layer of heat to the fun.

Your Worst Nightmare

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Another layer of safety you should consider when making sex videos is to create plausible deniability.

Take out some insurance against the unthinkable.

You never know when your sex videos might be leaked to the internet. Get a henna tattoo on the small of your back or wear a wig. So if the sex videos do get can deny that it's you.

If you're going to go through with making a's definitely safer...and maybe even sexier...if you can't be easily identified.

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See Inside

If you're worried your sexy footage will get in the wrong hands...agree to delete it right after you've had the thrill of watching it. You can always make another one later.

It isn't as safe as immediate deletion... but if you insist on keeping a copy…you should keep the only copy. And keep it safe!

If you ever let him have a copy... don't think for a second that he will ever get rid of it. And there is always the chance a thief will take off with your raunch-fest.

Make sure you have a condom and plenty of lube handy before you get started.


Consider the possible consequences carefully before you agree to make sexy videos. If you decide to make a sex video...spend a few moments before you turn the on the camera to work out the best camera angles and the most flattering lighting.

Use enough lighting to get a good shot.

But very brightly lit genitals give the feel of a gynecological exam. You are making a sex video...not a horror show!

photo of a woman's face washed out by too much lighting

Bright fluorescent lights will wash out the shot and make you look sickly and jaundiced.

They'll also cast a spotlight on some of your physical imperfections.

On the other hand...relying completely on candlelight will make the image too dim and you won't be able to see anything.

Use a tripod or use a large beanbag to steady the camera.

Positions where you are stretched out will probably be the most flattering for you.

Since missionary position doesn't exactly make for good TV...get into racier positions where you're facing the camera. Go for doggie-style so you can both see the action. Or cowgirl so you can watch how you move.

Definitely get some shots exchanging oral sex to see the orgasmic effect you have on each other.

You will probably want to keep your derriere off camera...especially in close up shots. Angles are everything in looking good in the action!

A "Star" is Born?

photo of a woman from the back wearing <li>Suck on your finger.</li><br><li>Pinch your nipples.</li><br>only panties

Relax and have fun when you are making sexy videos. You're not a porn star...or a pornographer. No matter how many porn movies you've seen...don't expect yours to turn out like that.

Don't stare into the camera. Sex tapes are all about voyeuristic don't ruin the mood by looking directly into the camera the entire time. Sure, you spent hours setting up...but pretend it's a spur-of-the-moment thing.

Act up for the camera...

You are making a "movie" you will maybe want to exaggerate your movements just a bit. Flirt with the camera once or twice. Glance over your shoulder and look right into the lens briefly.

But don't ruin the mood by looking directly into the camera the entire time. spent hours setting up...but pretend it's a spur-of-the-moment thing.

You will want to make a few passionate moans and maybe whisper: "Oh, it feels so good". But no one makes a sex tape for the dialog. Besides...the less talking you do...the less likely anyone is to know that it is you on the video.

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Don't consider using a cell phone camera. Your sex videos can too easily end up on YouTube.

There are so many ways to hack information from mobile phones and it's so easy to forward footage.

Besides...the video quality on a mobile phone is poor and you won't find it flattering. This is supposed to be a turn-on and you want to look your best in any sex videos you star in.

And the same goes for "Skype Sex"--recording that is very easy.

Anything you do on a webcam can be recorded from the other it's safest to assume that you are being recorded.

You could use your sex video as a sexy holiday gift for your man. Just be careful.

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