Sex Videos for Smart Women

Welcome to the unfamiliar...exciting...and arousing world of sex videos and adult films.

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Explicit visual images are powerful arousal triggers...especially scenes that fulfill a certain fantasy.

Exploring your fantasies through sexy films can open a door to understanding what arouses you.

Think of this as virtual sexuality. This exotic twist on voyeurism can stimulate your sexual appetite.

It's perfectly acceptable to fantasize about things you'd never actually do. Just because you fantasize about something doesn't mean you want it to really happen.

Check out Erotic Fantasy Themes...A Sexual Buffet from Sexy Scenarios... Play Out All the Passionate Possibilities for fantasy scenario ideas.

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Body Image Triggers

You will notice most of the actresses in professionally produced sex videos are packaged very well with...

photo of a naked woman Adult films can bring up a whole range of body image issues...

It's also normal to worry that your man might expect your sex to become like the sex you see onscreen...though this is unrealistic.


Sexual Positions in Adult Films

In adult will see the sexual positions that look good on camera...

Without modification...these may not be the best positions for female orgasm.

Adult Films are NOT Realistic

The focus of an adult film is the sex scenes...but you should NOT think of adult films as sex instruction. Adult films often portray more disinformation than good sexual instruction.

The sex acts that are hot to watch onscreen are NOT effective sexual techniques for female pleasure.

The women in these films seem to magically have orgasms from the slightest stimulation.

picture of Sexy Films for Savvy Women The scenes are not all shot in one take and the films are heavily edited to...

Discover an ideal solution to making your own sexy videos in The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Making a Sex Video.

Selecting sex videos and adult films can seem overwhelming. Adult film is a broad category with many subgenres. Find the Right Adult Films for You...Anatomy of 14 Genres in Sexy Films for Savvy Women has a detailed selection guide to help you.

Renting sex videos and adult films online is an easy and private way to find what you are looking for. Internet adult rental sites cater to many tastes...and might have suggestions that help turn up a few tasty selections for you. Previews of many of the movies are available.

Engagement Party adult film boxcover

Some companies price per rental...while others have a flat monthly fee. The rentals arrive typically within a few business days...and include a return envelope with postage. Be prepared to spend more than you usually do for a rental. For example...rental of adult films at Excalibur Films are $6.20 each...including shipping both ways.

On-demand video systems generally work by streaming the video...or by allowing you to download the video to your computer as a rental for a certain number of days.

Getting Started

To begin your exploration into the realm of adult film...check out the suggestions from Adult Movie Night.

6 Top Tips for Solo Viewing

1. Watch your fist adult film by yourself.

When you first explore sex so without anyone else around to make you feel self-conscious...nervous...or worried about how you are feeling.

2. Take time to take care of yourself and feel good.

Turn off your phone and focus on the film.

3. Set the scene for your adventure in sex videos.

Have your toys and lube ready.

photo of a woman's hand and crotch

4. Get yourself aroused by watching a scene that gets you hot while self-pleasuring.

5. Try watching in different positions...sitting...lying down.

6. Fast forward through anything you don't like.

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Make your big leap into the world of sexy videos a hot and fun-filled adventure.

Receive the complete Sexy Films for Savvy Women book here.

Adult Movies Night has some suggestions for some sex videos for you to start with.

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