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Why settle for "Fifty Shades of Grey"...when you can have "Fifty Shades of Red Hot"?

photo of the leg of a woman wearing a fishnet stocking

50 Shades of Red Hot

Feel sexy & naughty as you unleash your 50 shades of red hot in these 19 sexy costumes. Add a fresh, new energy to your sexual relationship with your man. Explore your secret passions.

photo of the hands of a woman on the back of a man

Sex Videos for Smart Women

Why adult films are NOT good sex instruction. How to rent adult films online safely. 6 adult film titles to begin your exploration. 6 top tips for solo viewing. Favorite sex positions.

photo of the cover of an adult film

Sex Videos for Movie Night

Discover how to use an adult movie for some sexy inspiration. Make your big leap into the world of adult films a hot and fun-filled adventure. Have some naughty fun with these 7 adult films.

photo of a dominatrix in sexy black lingerie

Dominatrix Secrets

Feel sexy and naughty as you take control of your man's pleasure and unleash your inner dominatrix. Enjoy a lusty night to remember with 15 easy steps to fantasy.

photo of a man kissing a woman

Dress Up Games for Sexy Role Playing

Tips and techniques for dress up games for sexy role playing. Light bondage ideas for you to unleash on your man as both a submissive and dominatrix.

photo of the legs of a woman sitting on a bed

Fifty Shades of Grey Unleashed

Unleash Fifty Shades of Grey with a sexy role play fantasy to add an intimate thrill to your sex life. Give your man the variety & adventure he craves without ever leaving home.

photo of a woman with her finger at her lips

Foreplay not Boreplay

Have some sexy foreplay fun as you arouse your man with some erotic takes on some classic games. Everybody wins...because the end doesn't come...until you do.

photo of a man touching the neck of a woman

Foreplay Secrets

Take foreplay beyond kissing with a variety of creative foreplay ideas. The secret of stimulating the part of the back with the most sensitive nerve endings.

photo of a woman gently biting the bottom lip of a man

Kiss Sexy

Fuel his passion with the perfect dirty kiss in 36 tantalizing steps. Specific steps for 5 uniquely powerful kisses.

photo of a man and woman kissing

Kiss to Seduce

Discover the 13 kisses you must master. Unleash these sensationally sexy kissing techniques on your man now.

photo of the back of a woman wearing sexy black lingerie

Lingerie Fantasy

What is the sexiest lingerie? Arouse your man with fantasy scenario and private fashion show. Color most preferred by men in underthings.

photo of a woman wearing sexy black Parisian lingerie

Lingerie Shopping Parisian Style

Discover the most jaw dropping lingerie in an online tour of Parisian boutiques. Become a connoisseur of fine lingerie as you find items you can afford.

photo of a man holding a woman up against a wall

Quickie Sex Secrets

Do you know the best sex positions for orgasms during quick hot sex? Do you know this secret to cheat-proof your relationship?

photo of a Parisian hotel room

Sex Games in a Hotel...
Room Service with a Twist

Enjoy sex games in a hotel. 4 sensual ways to enjoy Champagne as a sex toy. 4 erotic ways to use ice to fire up your man. 5 delicious ways to use food as foreplay.

photo of a video camera

Sex Videos without Risk

Smarter & safer solutions for making a sex video to reduce risk of exposure. How to look better naked. What to do & not to do, on camera to reduce risk of embarrassment.

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