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#15. Riding the Wave...Sex on the Beach

One of the best sex positions in water is a standing position. photo of a couple looking intimate in the ocean Water can be used to provide some privacy for sex with both of you standing. A standing position can otherwise be quite have to use your thigh muscles to support your body.

The buoyancy of water makes a standing sex position much easier for you. Just wrap your legs around your man's waist and the water will hold you up.

Caressing each other under water ads a dimension of sensuality not possible on dry land. Skin feels smoother and is more responsive to the touch. The sound of skin slapping against wet skin is just so sexy.

Hot sex on a beach is an all-time classic...and just might be on your "bucket list". Wild beach sex is perfect for a hot quickie.

Being under the stars in the moonlight and hearing the sound of the waves adds to the mood. Sand is everywhere...and you might get splashed with a wave or two...but you will make a lasting memory.

Look for a secluded place so you don't get arrested for indecent exposure. The darker it gets...the less chance you have of getting caught.

Pick a spot above the tide. Natural dunes can be ideal. Inlets and small coves along the shore may also offer seclusion for having wild beach sex.

Right out on the beach is probably too out in the open; but you might be able to find a lifeguard stand for more privacy.

photo of a couple looking intimate on the sand of the beach

Lying in wet sand isn't really very comfortable. That's why a standing sex position in the water may be a better option. Sand is abrasive and it can be very uncomfortable if it gets into your private parts. And don't forget to watch for sharp shells or broken glass.

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Getting naked may not be the best idea because too many parts are exposed to the sand...and it makes it more difficult to cover up if you are spotted. You want to have some clothes on in case you need to make a quick getaway. Wear a loose skirt or dress without panties. You can sit on top of your man and use your skirt to cover things up to avoid getting caught.

A large beach bag can hold your condoms... a towel for cleanup ...a small bag for trash...and a bottle of water to rinse the sand off your delicate parts. Take a flashlight...but try not to use it because it will draw attention to you.

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