Sex Positions for the Sofa

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Try these sex positions for the hottest sex on the sofa...

1. Cowgirl

picture of a man and woman having sex on a sofa in cowgirl position

Straddle your man while he is lying down.

Or have your man sit back on the sofa. Straddle his lap with your legs spread apart and your knees bent up against his chest.

Slowly lean back so you're almost upside down with your arms stretched behind you...all the way to the support your weight and maintain your balance. This gives your man a full-frontal view...a view that will fuel his dirtiest fantasies.

Straighten your legs slightly and push your hips back. This angles your clitoris for direct contact and makes it easy for him to give you manual stimulation.

Place a pillow underneath his thighs...up by his allow for even deeper entry.

Thrust back and forth against him....opening and closing your legs.

Because you set the speed and can treat yourself to the exact motions that make you moan with desire and take you over the edge of ecstasy.

Take advantage of being on top by clamping your Kegel (PC) muscles tightly around him.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

To mix things up even more...ride his penis facing away from him for some hot sex on a sofa. Reverse cowgirl is one of the best sex positions for a G spot orgasm.


3. Doggie Style

picture of a man and woman having sex on a sofa doggie style title=

Get on your hands and knees on a cushion or two. Lean forward so your stomach is flat against the sofa.

Have him enter you from behind. With him firmly inside you...straighten your legs and have him hold on to your thighs.

He can lift your legs to create a better angle to hit your G spot...just let him know how high he should go.

For added stability...hold onto the edge of the sofa. Your man can increase your pleasure by reaching around and playing with your clitoris.

Or...bend over the arm of the sofa...and have your man take you from behind.

4. Missionary

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Missionary position can be one of the best sex positions for a sofa. To make the missionary position more intense... lock your legs around your man's back. He can hold your legs on his shoulders so he enters you even more deeply.

Or... Sit on the sofa with your...

Have your man kneel in front of you and enter you.

Use your legs and arms to slide yourself up and down on him.

5. Spread 'em

For more drama...stand spread eagle on the sofa with your legs spread wide apart. Your man stands on the floor facing you. He can grab the back of your thighs and pull you towards him so he can enter you.

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