Sex Positions for the Kitchen

Hot Sex In a Hurry...
33 Places for a Quickie

#3. Spice Things Up In the Kitchen

Want a sexy break from food preparation in the kitchen? Explore some sex positions for a hot quickie.

photo of man and woman having sex on the kitchen counter

To ignite some hot kitchen sex...surprise him with a deep and passionate kiss and begin undoing his pants.

Then turn around and lean over the kitchen counter for one of the most convenient sex positions...doggy style. Say something hot and dirty like: "Give it to me good!"

And that spatula isn't just for flipping burgers. Swat your guy's butt with it to make this romp even more playful.

You're also right by the fridge. So find creative uses for ice...fruit...whipped cream...and other fun lickables.

Tease him with the sink sprayer...or even use it on yourself as you sit on the edge of the sink to try another favorite sex position...standing cowgirl. And you know how your man loves a wet T-shirt on you.

If you are a bit shy suggesting sex in the kitchen...start slow. Your man will savor receiving a blowjob in the kitchen.

Set the Table for Passion

Stand and bend straight forward from your waist with your hands on a table or a counter. Bending forward in a doggy style sex position gives your man maximum depth and control...and the angle allows for maximum penetration and thrusting.

Experiment with positioning to find the best angle and depth of penetration so his penis hits your G-spot.

To really blow his mind...turn your head around and make eye contact.

Or sit on the counter with your legs spread open...your man will know what to do.

Serve it Up...On Your Back

You lying back and your man standing is a versatile sex position for hot sex. Anywhere you can sit and he can stand will work. You get all the benefits of standing up sex without the balance and fatigue concerns.

Choose a flat surface that hits him at hip level...and puts your pelvis about a foot lower than his. Your kitchen table might be a better height than the kitchen counter...unless your man is really tall.

Place a pillow under your derriere to get some elevation. The pelvic tilt gives his penis full access to your vagina and builds in more friction. You can use your hands to hold on to the table for leverage.

Lift your legs and rest them on his shoulders. Scoot your derriere far enough forward so he can enter you. You will probably need to hang over the edge of the table.

His legs should be slightly bent...spaced about 3 feet apart. Have him place his hands under your he can hold you at the perfect angle while he thrusts. Stimulate your clitoris with your hand while he's thrusting.

Give him even more to drool over by occasionally throwing your head back and arching your back. Then...

Do that a couple of times and the start-stop build-up will give him an even more explosive orgasm.

You can also pull your knees up to your chest for more clitoral stimulation.

In Front of the Refrigerator

picture of Hot Sex In a Hurry 33 Places for a Quickie

See Inside

Sex in the kitchen may be nothing new to you...but the refrigerator might be uncharted territory.

Open the door to the refrigerator and have your man sit on the floor with his back against the cool shelves. Then straddle him. This can be particularly erotic in the dark...with nothing but the glow from the open refrigerator lighting the room.

Not only will the cold air give you both a'll surely perk up...but you can also incorporate food into your frisky play.

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