Sex Positions for a Car Quickie

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The top 3 sex positions for the most satisfying car sex...

1. Ride 'em Cowgirl

photo of a couple having sex in the car

For some hot car sex...before you sit on his lap...move the front seat back as far as it will go. Your man sits in the passenger seat and you get on top of him in a straddle position...facing him. You might have to duck your head a little.

You can leave your top on if you are in a location that isn't entirely secluded. Your man won't love that...but he can always reach underneath your top. Challenge him to remove your bra without removing your top. That will keep him busy while you get to work on his lap.

If there is a blanket in the car you can use it to cover the lower part of your body to keep passersby from seeing you.

2. Dashboard Confession

Before you sit on his lap in a backwards cowgirl position...move the front seat as far back as it will go. Your man sits in the passenger seat and you sit on his lap. Face forward with your hands on the dashboard. He places his hands on your hips to occasionally lift you up off his penis. Try to put your feet on the floor for better leverage.

The downside to this sex position for the car is that it has the highest "busted" factor of any sex position. Because you are both facing the same can't see people come up behind you and surprise you. You also invite attention because you are both in the same seat of an empty car that is not moving.

3. Backseat Driver

photo of dolls in backseat of car

Before you climb into the back seat...move the front seat as far forward as it will go. Your man can sit up or lie flat in the middle of the back seat.

Get on top of him in a straddle position. You might have to duck your head a little. An advantage of this sex position is that you can lie down and hide if you hear a noise.


Although it can be a little can try a back seat seated missionary position with you sitting in the back seat and your man in front of you through the gap in the front seats. Or you can have hot sex in the passenger seat in the missionary sex position. This is great if the seat reclines all the way back.

picture of Hot Sex In a Hurry 33 Places for a Quickie

Or try doggy style bracing yourself against the door.

Passenger seat spooning involves you lying down sideways in the reclined passenger seat facing each other. This can be a very nice sex position if the seat reclines all the way back. It allows for more closeness than other positions.

Car sex can be awkward...but if you can both can be fun and pleasurable. Don't be afraid to laugh if you get stuck in an awkward position. Let that become part of the fun.

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