Sex on a Golf Course

Splendor in the Grass

photo of a bra top lying 
by a golf club and ball.

Enjoy some
splendor in the grass on a golf course.

Ready for some hot quick sex? This golf course sexcapade is more "tease" than "tees". Turn your next golf session with your man into a seduction session.

Once you have successfully pulled it may not be able to get enough of the exhilaration of having a quickie in a semi-public place.

For your "warm-up" practice in your hot little gold skirt in front of a mirror at home. Explore exactly how to bend and place your golf ball for the best view of your scenery.

Run to the ladies room. When you come back...hand him his golf ball wrapped in your panties.

Take your turn first. You know just how to bend and place your golf ball for his hottest view of you. Take your time as you take your shot.

Stroll over to the hole while he sets up his shot. Crouch down with your knees just slightly apart. Let's see him keep his eye on the ball now!

photo of the back of a woman in a sexy golf skirt.

Become the star of your man's
golf fantasy.

Say something funny like: "They really keep it...well trimmed, wouldn't you say? Gosh, it feels really breezy out here today. Have you seen my panties? seem to be playing with some sort of ...handicap. Is that a golf ball in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?"

In the parking lot...give him a longer peak under your skirt as you bend forward to help load the gold equipment. In the car...take his hand and trail his fingertips up your thigh. What's a game of golf without a trip to the nineteenth hole?

Reach over and squeeze his package gently...while he tries to concentrate on starting the car.

Or for a full-on quickie...public golf courses usually do not have security at night and they offer some secluded places for some hot sex. A quickie on a golf course gives a whole new meaning to foreplay...and a hole in one. You may also want to sport a cute little golf skirt to allow for easy access.

One of the advantages of a hot quickie on a golf course are the acres and acres of deserted you don't really have to worry about being caught.

Explore the outskirts of the course for a thunderstorm shelter. These are usually placed in remote areas and unless it starts to one is going near them.

If a full on sexcapade on the golf course seems like too much right now...give your man a quick blowjob instead. Let him worship you as his golf fantasy.

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