Sex is Like Poker

The Unwritten Rules
You Need to Know

The fastest way to lose a poker game is by showing emotion.

photo of playing cards tucked into the top of a 
woman's black stocking

Having sex with a man is like playing poker. Don't just throw your cards at him.

To keep his desire hot for you...always leave him wanting more. If you have sex too soon...your power in the relationship is surrendered.

It is almost impossible to change a person's first impression of you.

You cannot convince a man of something simply by telling him his first impression is wrong. That would just make him think you are a weak, needy woman with low self esteem and no confidence. By trying to convince a man you aren't "like that" you show a lack of understanding of how a man's mind works. Why is he to think that you had sex with him?

A man will be intrigued when he realizes that he has to wait and play by your rules if he wants to get anywhere.

Let him experience the excitement of winning the challenge after intensely desiring you.

Don't lose control emotionally and seek his approval by having sex with him.

The art of attraction is all about delaying gratification. Not teasing...eventually you need to surrender and gratify.

You can't hold back too long for a relationship or he will give up. At some point...for a healthy masculine man...a relationship will die without intimacy. It will simply not feed the growth of his emotions.

Timing Is Everything
In Closing the Deal

Great salespeople know when to close a customer. Close a deal too slowly and the customer gets bored and starts to wish you would just leave.

The easiest and most fatal mistake to make with a man is to spend the night too soon.

To keep a man wanting need to end at the height of interest.

You know how effective a cliffhanger ending is. You can't wait for the next episode! That is because the show closes at the height of interest. You can't possibly end at the height of a man's interest if you spend the night with him.

Spending the night with a man after only two or three dates is an interest killer. By going home will end at the height of his interest.

photo of a woman's hand on a door lever It can be too hard to resist the urge to sleep over if you haven't already made the promise to yourself that you are going home. It never feels like you should go home.

If you have been in a relationship for several months...that's one thing. But even still shouldn't spend every night at his place.

If you can discipline yourself to get going when the going gets will see just how hot a man can get going.

Use the psychology of sales to get what you want from a man.

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