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#21. Sex in the Yard

Outdoor handjobs can be a thrilling introduction to having sex outdoors.

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Depending on where you live...you can have some hot sex in your yard. If you have a lot of privacy...there is something very erotic about being outdoors.

Take a blanket and find a nice soft place to play. With the porch light off and nobody around...this is a great place to have sex.

Having sex on a balcony is a little more risky. You will be out in the open. Try sex on your balcony when the neighbors aren't home and enjoy the view. If you have a covered balcony or deck...this is especially erotic in the rain.

Rooftops can seem public...but still be private. There is no more exciting place to have sex than on the roof of your house on a warm summer night...as long as the neighbors do not have a clear view.

Nothing is more arousing than feeling a cool summer breeze while looking up at the stars. Make sure you find a safe spot that is fairly flat so you don't go rolling off the roof!

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If you have a hammock...that is an obvious choice for erotic fun. Or...even a reason to consider buying one.

Or sit on your man's lap while he is sitting in a porch swing at night.

To anyone who might catch you on the porch...it looks perfectly innocent.

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