Secrets to Heat Up the Passion


You can use the secrets of the psychology of sales to your advantage to heat up the passion with your man.

The greatest salespeople don't play games...they have an effective strategy.

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They don't make excuses...they get results.

You are not "playing a game" when you have a strategy to heat up the passion with your man.

You need to do what is smart. Don't sabotage yourself by just doing what your emotions tell you to do.

You might not be able to change how you want to act with a man...but you can change how do you act.

The secret is to focus on getting the results you want...not in doing what you "want" to do.

Don't do what you want to what will get you what you want...success with men...any want.

Remember...having a successful relationship is like selling. Great salespeople first concentrate on getting the customer interested and building a great relationship. Only after doing that do they focus on closing a sale.

It is a huge mistake to try to cut to the close on a sale.

It is an ever bigger mistake to try to close on a commitment in a relationship too soon.

To build a successful need to be patient. Patience is the secret to success in many areas of life...and relationships are no exception. Use your timing to your advantage.

In the beginning a man is just getting to know you and decide if he likes you. He can't tell you his intentions...because he doesn't know what they are yet. Don't try to rush things and heat up the passion too soon.

You may not think you are pressuring a man by asking questions about his desire for a relationship...but you are. It should be obvious that you are trying to find a meaningful relationship when you go out on a date. When a man hears that you want a serious relationship...he will obviously assume you mean with HIM.

Don't ask a man what his plans for marriage are...either. That kind of talk is meant for people who are already involved in a serious relationship. You aren't looking to get married. You are looking for a man with whom you are compatible.

How to Heat Up His Passion for You

It is vitally important not to overdo it by seeing a man too much in the first few weeks. Even if you are totally falling in love in the very have to keep a man wanting more.

You do this by leaving him when things are at their most the height of his interest. You want to end a date at the appropriate time so that the man is still thinking about you when you're gone.

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This secret always works. That's why soap operas end at the most exciting point of the show. You always want to leave a man wanting more. If you want to turn a new relationship into a long term have to end at the height of interest for the maximum power in your art of seduction.

It's better to leave earlier than later...especially when you are just meeting a man for the first time.

Keep a first meeting with a man short and matter how well it is going. If you spend too much time with him right away...he will get burned out.

As a relationship progresses...keep setting time limits before you get there and start having a good time.

You may be having a great time...but remember your long-term goal is to make him want you.

And still want you after you leave. That is how you really heat up the passion.

Do You Know the Real Question?

"Should we go some place private?"

The question isn't really about when to have sex with a man. What is important is how you feel about it afterward.

The real question is do you know a man well enough to share your body and soul with him?

These secrets are not about the "rules" of success with men. This is about taking care of yourself emotionally as well as physically. Put your needs first so that you never again have sex with a man at the wrong time...or for the wrong reason.

Don't have sex for the first time with a man when you have had more than two drinks...or if he is pushy about it in any way.

Have sex with a man only for a reason that serves and takes care of YOU...and you need to know the difference.

Find what will serve you best before you decide what you say "yes" and "no" to.

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