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Hot Sex in a Hurry...
33 Places for a Quickie


The best sex positions for female orgasm generally don't work well for quick semi-public sex.

photo of a man and a woman ready for quick passion

A "quickie" is a hot...fast...and fiercely erotic 5-10 minute sexual session. Quickies are about living out your sexual impulses with no apologies.

Hot sex makes a relationship...and life...even more passionately worthwhile. Spontaneity is the fuel of passion. A quickie can add a spark of passion to any relationship…even if you can't really use one of the best sex positions for female orgasm.

Show your man you're in absolutely lust with him...that you want him.

Nothing is sexier to a man than your desire for him.

But always be sure to use a condom. And some like it hot...but all like it wet...with a quality sexual lubricant.

Add a new level of excitement to your hot sex life with a passionate...but quick...sexual session.

You can be an even more amazing lover by being more spontaneous...and even a bit wild with your sexcapades.

The memory of that wild, out-of-character experience...and of your unbridled passion...will last him a lifetime. Your courage to experiment with new sexual techniques...sex positions for female orgasm...and enticing places will keep your man in love with you.

You can also help reduce performance anxiety with a quickie. Sometimes long sex sessions can be filled with more pressure than pleasure. Having a quick sexual encounter without worrying about the best sex positions for female orgasm...where the only purpose is to get off...can be extremely satisfying.

Don't feel pressured to always make penetration the ultimate goal of hot sex. Hot sex is sometimes a quick...but explosive... blowjob.

Make a Good Morning...
A GREAT Morning

Great early morning sex can be the perfect session of hot sex...or can stretch into a longer passion session. The invigorating feeling can last all day and keep you in a good mood until evening...when you can do it again in one of the best sex positions for female orgasm.

Dress for Success

photo of a woman's blouse undone to reveal her bra

For semi-public hot sex...it is easiest to wear a loose-fitting skirt and no panties.

If you need to straighten up quickly...it can be done much easier without panties around your ankles.

Your man will be more aroused at the thought of you not wearing any panties, anyway. You don't even have to show your man that you're not wearing any panties.

Whisper to him...halfway through the evening: "I forgot to put on my panties." Your man won't be able to think of anything else for the rest of the evening.

Your man should also avoid underwear...and wear loose-fitting pants...so he can tuck his erection into his pants if there is a suspicious noise. Help your man undress to give him that "I have to have you right now" feeling. Every man wants to be desperately desired by his woman.

Because quickies are spontaneous impulses you don't take the time to remove all your clothes. Only expose enough to get the job done.

As the passion builds...pull your dress up and let him feel your moistness. Don't bother with removing your panties. Just pull the elastic aside to make room for his probing fingers...and his throbbing erection. This one is about fast..hot..short..intense orgasm.

Positioning for Success

photo of a man holding a woman in bra and panties up against the wall

One of the best sex positions for female orgasm is a rear-entry position. Rear-entry positions...especially from a sitting position...can give plausible deniability...you could just be innocently sitting in your man's lap.

Other good positions for quick hot sex are up against a wall or with you bent over something. Bending over with your man entering you from behind is one of the best sex positions for female orgasm.

Don't waste time making the position pretty...or even getting comfy...for quick hot sex. Your goal is to get it on and get it done. And your legs won't have time to get tired anyway...that is why it is called a "quickie".

Location is Everything

An exhilarating sex life includes trying new and different places...adding a little bit of adventure. Make sex a fun and exciting adventure for an even healthier and more active sex life.

Seek some sexual adventure occasionally by changing your location for having sex.

Have some ferocious fun by having sex anywhere and everywhere in your house...with quick hot sex in your repertoire.

It can be even hotter for your man when the quickie is your idea. Make it easy and effortless for him. Next time you have the urge and the opportunity try saying: "Let's do it…right here...right now!" or "Close your eyes and try not to make any noise."

You can inspire some quick hot sex by teasing him where it isn't appropriate…like with your foot under the table at a restaurant. When you get him to a place where he can do something about it…then jump him.

A Starting Place

Although it is fun to have sex almost anywhere...here are places to have sex that can add an element of excitement to a sexual encounter.

Start off with this list of places to do it and see where your imagination takes you. This could be just the beginning of your sexual creativity...and give you some ideas of your own.

Home Sweet Home

1. Come on Baby Light My Fire

A fireplace creates an ambiance for passion. That might seem silly...until you get started moving your body sensuously in time to... The Doors.

With the privacy of your living room and the comfort of your sofa...you can enjoy some of the best sex positions for female orgasm. With the flames crackling and the sexy shadows flickering over your body...you'll see...

2. Classic Sofa Sex

photo of a man and a woman 
having sex on the sofa

Even when you are not in a rush...sex on the sofa can make you feel like a teenager again.

Discover the top 5 sex positions for hot sex on the sofa here.

3. Spice Things Up In the Kitchen

A sexual sneak attack is when you jump him when he least expects it.

Your man won't expect the kitchen quickie ideas you can explore here.

4. Stairway to Heaven

photo of a sexy woman going up a staircase

Padded and carpeted stairs are a wonderful playground for consenting adults.

Your man has probably fantasized about having a quickie on the stairs when he has followed you up the stairs before...and you are about to make him a very happy man.

For a change of pace...when you are heading up the stairs in front of your man...bend forward to let your man know you are interested in a quickie right there on the stairs.

picture of a man and woman having sex on the stairs

With your hands on a stair...shake your booty in a slow sensuous figure eight. Be ready for some quick doggie style.

Kneel...facing away from him...with your legs outside of his.

Put your feet on a level where you can use them for leverage.

Both of you should be facing the stairs.

Your man uses the incline of the stairs as he enters you from behind at a unique upward tilt...to hit your G-spot.

For more intense pressure...bear down on him so your derriere meshes tightly with his groin as he holds your hips.

Hold on to the stairs with one hand and stimulate your clitoris with the other.

For an even bigger adrenaline rush...do it in a hotel stairwell.

5. Spin Cycle

You can sit on the top of the washing machine...but you might won't be able to get a deep angle of penetration if the machine is just too high.

photo of a man and a woman in a laundromat

Start with the machine on the lowest and slowest cycle. You can ramp it up once you get going. The vibration of the machine will act like a big mechanical vibrator.

A good position is to bend over the top of the machine with your hands on top and have sex in a modified doggie style position. This works much better for taller washing machines.

picture of Hot Sex In a Hurry 33 Places for a Quickie

See Inside

For a more exciting variation...try this in the middle of the night in a 24-hour laundromat. You can even get some laundry done while you have some fun.

For more ideas for hot quick sex...check out Hot Sex In a Hurry...33 Places for a Quickie.

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