Putting on a Condom with Your Mouth

Eroticism of Safer Sex

Photo of a condom in a womnan's mouth.

Putting on a condom on with your mouth will add some naughty fun to the show. If you need a little practice...you can practice on an appropriately sized cucumber.

Put it on his penis with your mouth as he watches. Make plenty of eye contact with him as you do this to increase his arousal.

I prefer to use one of the plain, non-lubed kind for this. I don't like the feeling in my mouth of the lube on pre-lubed ones.

This is a particularly fun treat for your man before you deliver the perfect blowjob. Put the condom on when his penis erect...before there is any sexual contact.

blue checkmark 1. Push the condom down to the bottom of the wrapper and rip the wrapper open with your finger on the perforated line. Don't tear into the wrapper with your teeth or nails.

photo of a condom on a finger

blue checkmark 2. Push it out of the wrapper. Open and unroll the condom a bit so you can see which way it's unrolling. Make sure you have the inside of the condom facing out.

blue checkmark 3. Dab some lube on your lips.

photo of a water based lube

blue checkmark4. Add a drop or two of water based lube inside the tip before putting on a condom. Drop a little lube on the tip of his penis.

The slippery surface will...
Never use any oil based products with latex condoms.


blue checkmark 5. Open and unroll the condom a bit so you can see which way it's unrolling. Check that the rolled rim is on the outside. Putting on a condom backwards means you'll need to throw it away and start over.

blue checkmark 6. Pinch it by the tip...to keep the air out as you place the condom on and to make room for semen when he cums.

photo of a condom in a woman's mouth

blue checkmark 7. Suck the reservoir tip into the opening of your mouth...so the roll of the condom makes a ring around the outside of your lips.

blue checkmark 8. Position the ring behind your teeth with your tongue pressed against the reservoir tip.

blue checkmark9. Carefully wrap your lips over your teeth and put your mouth at the head of his penis. Hold the shaft with one hand.

blue checkmark10. With your lips slightly parted, suck the tip of the condom in slightly and give the tip of his penis a nuzzling kiss with your lips...letting the glide down over the head.

blue checkmark 11. Keep suction on the condom and wrap your lips firmly over your teeth. Squeeze the condom between your mouth and his penis.

blue checkmark 12. Leave a half inch space at the tip to catch the ejaculate. But check to see that there isn't a huge air bubble or it can pop like a balloon.

blue checkmark 13. Use your tongue to press out all the air from the reservoir tip against the head of his penis. Be very careful to keep your teeth out of the way.

blue checkmark 14. Flatten the blade of your tongue wide enough to cover the entire tip of his penis.

blue checkmark 15. Push your lips against the ring of the condom...slide it down his shaft.

picture of a condom on a penis

blue checkmark 16. Push with your mouth in one smooth motion down the shaft...letting your lips unroll the condom as he goes into your mouth.

Unroll it down the length of his shaft in a long, gently pressing motion. It may take a few rolls. Don't worry if you can't go all the way...just use your hand to help you finish putting on a condom.

blue checkmark 17. Dribble lots of flavored lube over his condom-covered penis and rub the lube around gently a bit.

Make sure the condom stays in place during sex. If it rolls up...roll it back into place immediately.

If the condom comes off...stop...and put on a new condom before continuing sex.

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