Sexy Panties for Bootyliciousness

photo of a luxury bra and panties set

Men find a matched set sexy.

It can be difficult to find a perfectly fitting bra with matching panties that also fit perfectly...and are comfortable.

Try to coordinate your panty in color and texture with your bra if you don't purchase a matched set. They should look like they belong together.

Most men prefer sheer lingerie. If you are rocking a Brazilian bikini will love the look a sheer panty.

Try your lingerie on under all your outfits...from your tightest pencil skirts and bandage dresses to your tightest jeans. Be sure to check the rear view in a full length mirror.

Comfort is the first priority when selecting lingerie. There is nothing less sexy than scratching or pulling at uncomfortable clothing. Unless it is wearing uncomfortable shoes. Look for soft fabrics and laces and smooth elastics at the waist and legs.

Fit for a Goddess

A panty should not be tight...especially at the waist and legs. But elastic should hold them in place.

If you are wearing a thong, it should not be so tight that you want to pull it out of your crack.

The bottom of your butt should be gently cupped in a boyshort...but they should not be so tight as to ride up your crack.

The crotch of your panties should sit naturally against your body without creating the dreaded "camel's toe". If you feel uncomfortable...try the next size up.

photo of white granny panties

Never. For any reason.

Check your panties occasionally to see that the fabric and elastic is not stretched out and misshapen. When they get stretched changes the fit and they will feel looser and maybe riding up. Replace them before that happens.

Of course you don't need to be told that anything like "Granny panties" kills any hopes of sex appeal.

The Dreaded VLP

photo of a visible panty line

Visible Panty Line

Eliminate the dreaded "visible panty line" with a perfectly fitting style that works with your body type.

The best panties for no visible lines are made with ultrathin fabric (usually mesh) and cut with a laser...a technique that melts the material so that the edge has a smooth, seamless finish.

For a smooth look under clothes...try styles that do not have too much extra trim.

A Comfortable Thong?

A well fitting thong can be great for avoiding visible lines. But not just any thong. There are plenty of thongs that look sexy but are actually bulky and are uncomfortable to wear.

Hanky Panky stretch lace thongs are the most comfortable and best fitting I have found. Before you decide that a thong isn't for yourself a favor and try a Hanky Panky.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to find a comfortable thong. Victoria's Secret also has great options in a range of styles and lower prices than Hanky Panky.

Unleash Those Cheeks

If you find that a thong gives you a permanent will find a boy short much more comfortable.

Wearing a thong is no longer trendy. The butt-hugging boy short is the current trend. But most men find a well-fitting thong very sexy on a woman.

Well fitting boyshorts make your butt look amazing. Most boyshorts have a seam running down the middle of the butt...which accentuates the curvature.

Even seamless boyshorts enhance your butt by exposing the very bottoms of your cheeks. For a man...seeing that part of the buttocks is a great turn-on. His mind wants to fill in the rest of the picture.

Everyday Lingerie

Every day of living is a special occasion. Every day deserves your finest. Why settle for basic "underwear" when you can have exquisite, heavenly underthings every day?

Hanky Panky

While giving your man oral sex...
  • Brush a pair of silky panties against his balls.
  • Wrap your panties around his package and rub him through the fabric. What a fantasy. He spent his adolescence trying to get into a woman's he is getting off on them.
  • Graze your fingers precariously close to his private parts.

From Fellatio to Blow His Mind...Oral Super Sex.

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