Orgasm through Self Pleasure

photo of a woman self pleasuring

Don't underestimate the power of a good vibrator.

Why self pleasure to orgasm?
Self pleasuring is...
  • One of life's greatest sources of sexual pleasure.
  • Thrilling in itself.
  • A release from tension.
  • A sweet sedative before sleep.
  • A beauty treatment that leaves you glowing...more tranquil... your smile more mysterious.

You Are Not Alone

70% of women can't reach orgasm from intercourse alone. It is not as simple for a woman as it is for a man. You may need to experiment with sex toys and techniques to find what works for you.

Having an orgasm with a man is a very different experience than doing it alone. There's so much more going on. You're thinking about his pleasure. You're experiencing his touch and penetration.

photo of the hand of a man reaching into 
the panties of a woman

Guide his hand to show him what you want.

Use your fingers or a vibrator for increased clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

Take his hand and put it where you want it. Then use your hand on his to show him what you like.

Or demonstrate for him on yourself what you want him to do. It's a no-fail guarantee that he will enjoy the show.

If you fake an don't communicate what works....and doesn't your man. Faking...pointless. Showing him what you like...brilliant.

Female Self Orgasm

Do you know how to experience an orgasm...
  • Every time?
  • Multiple times?
  • Blending clitoral and G-spot orgasms?

The fastest route to orgasm is often with a good vibrator. A vibrator gives you stronger and more consistent stimulation than your fingers can.

  • Eliminate performance pressure.
  • Almost always guarantee an explosive orgasm.
  • Feel fantastic on him, too.

Good Vibrations...Get Your Buzz On

photo of a hard plastic vibrator

A hard plastic vibrator will give you stronger vibrations.

Using a vibrator is the secret to faster...and multiple...self orgasms. Vibrators offer more strokes per second than hands do. Experiment with your toys to learn what turns you on and how you experience an orgasm.

A curved vibrator may make it easier to hit your G spot. A nub on the tip of a vibe makes it easier to stimulate your G spot. Try using a scooping motion with the toy by dragging it across the front wall of your vagina.

After you discover how to trigger your orgasm this will probably find your G spot is even more responsive and able to trigger screaming orgasms.

Once you've learned to wake up your G spot by yourself...move on to stimulating it with your man inside you.

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