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How to Go Down on a Woman

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Print this out for your man for him to discover how to give cunnilingus even hotter than he already does. Or, even better...receive the complete 61 page digital book to print.

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Once you know how to give cunnilingus like an expert...you will be the best lover a woman has ever had. Deliver thrilling oral sex and you will keep her coming back for more...and more...

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Oral sex gives many women more pleasure and a bigger and better orgasm than intercourse alone. Some women who can't reach orgasm during intercourse can have an orgasm during oral sex.

And after a woman has an orgasm from cunnilingus...she can have intercourse and have another orgasm again even more quickly.

The Sixty Minute Man...How to
Drive Your Woman Wild in Bed

A lot of men ask: "How long should I do it?" The answer is: "How long can you last?"

Oral sex is the best...easiest... and most effective way to bring most women to climax.

Even women who have orgasms without oral sex may have a faster and more intense orgasm with cunnilingus.

Here are the essential secrets of how to give cunnilingus that will thrill her every time...

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1. Shave first. Beard stubble will irritate her delicate genital skin.

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2. Help her to relax with foreplay. Touch...kiss...fondle and lick her...everywhere but her genital area. Pay special attention to the sensitive skin on the inside of her thighs to really turn her on.

3. Foreplay is important because it results in blood flow to her genitals. Foreplay is a good warm up for cunnilingus. Stimulation of her erogenous zones also increases lubrication. Lubrication helps to protect her clitoris from irritation.

Easy Boy!

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4. Don't try to rush. Take the time to tease and touch her in all kinds of places. She may need more than 15 minutes to have an orgasm. Show her how much you are enjoying yourself.

5. If lying back during oral sex is too passive for her...let her straddle your face. From there she can control the amount of pressure and the area of contact during oral sex.

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6. To make this position even more fun...let her tie you to the bed before she mounts you. Maybe she can boss you around: "stick your tongue out..." "open your mouth..." "suck it, boy..."

7. Keep it wet. The juicier your make it...the better it feels. Use a quality water based lubricant.

Savor It

8. Start soft and slow...not rough and hard.

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9. Be especially careful when using your hands on her. The touch of your mouth can be much softer than your hand.

10. Don't dive right into her clitoris...especially not with hard pressure. To know how to give cunnilingus that satisfies a woman every time...you need to know all there is to know about her clitoris...the center of her pleasure.

Anatomy of Pleasure in Cunnilingus Secrets...The Ultimate Guide to Going Down on a Woman has everything you need to know.

11. If you want to know how to give cunnilingus with just the right amount of intensity...she probably wants about the same amount of pressure as during French kissing.

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12. Lick her like an ice cream cone with big soft licks and a wide flat tongue. Using your whole tongue will stimulate a larger surface on her genital area. Slip your tongue between her lips and run it slowly to the top of her folded flesh.

13. Cover as much of her pussy as you can with your mouth and lick her all over. But don't suck. She is still very sensitive and probably won't enjoy sucking right now…if ever.

14. Part the lips of her vagina with your tongue...not your fingers...and find the hooded clitoris above her vagina.

Build Her Arousal

15. Gently kiss and lick her clitoris.

16. Take your tongue softly in a circle around her clitoris.

17. Lick her clitoris in a side to side motion...like a windshield wiper. Then build the stimulation with a front to back licking motion.

18. Move your tongue softly in a circle. Then try a circular pressing down motion.

19. Try licking with a relaxed tongue. Then change to a firm pointed tongue.

20. Go deliciously slow at first to make her feel like a yummy dessert being savored. Build up the level of intensity gradually. Save going harder and faster until she is almost ready to orgasm.

Her Magic Spot...Heaven's Gate

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If you want to give cunnilingus she will never forget...the secret is to keep accelerating your techniques to bring her to an intense orgasm.

21. To give cunnilingus with more intensity...hold her clitoral hood up to give her more stimulation. This technique is often effective in small doses but can also painfully over-stimulate her. You may also want to try pausing in between licks or reducing the pressure of your tongue to reduce the intensity.

22. The more aroused she is the more she may enjoy you flicking your tongue directly over her clitoris. Start by circling your tongue around her clitoris...or glide lightly across the base of it before touching the tender tip.

23. Focus more on the clitoris to push her toward having an orgasm. It is the persistent rhythmic licking of your tongue tip on her clitoris that will bring her to a climax.

24. Bury your face in her pussy and get your tongue in as far as possible. Use your nose for more pressure. Not only does this feel good...it lets her know you are really into her taste and smell.

25. Run your tongue around her clitoral head. Concentrate on the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions on either side.

26. Insert one or two fingers in her vagina while you lick her clitoris.

27. Gently but firmly press against the front wall of her vagina. You are looking for an area that is a different texture…like the ridges on the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth.

28. Curl those fingers up toward your tongue to capture her clitoris and G-spot between your mouth and fingers.

diagram of how to find her g-spot

Don't Paint the Fence

picture of a hand making a come hither motion title=

29. Starting about an inch or so up start making "come hither" motions with your fingers against her vagina. Try to continue clitoral stimulation at the same time.

30. If that doesn't feel good to her...move your fingers up a bit higher in her vagina and try again.

31. Don't just thrust your fingers in and out of her vagina...unless she asks you to do that. Very seldom will a woman find that pleasurable.

32. Build up a rhythm to discover how to give cunnilingus that will blissfully satisfy her every time. As your tongue licks up...pull down with your fingers.

33. You can rev things up even more by slipping a G-spot vibrator...like the Thrusting Panther into her vagina while you're going down on her. She might even need to have the penetration to climax.

Experiment to Find the Magic

34. Just licking up and down..."fencepainting"...will quickly get boring to her. If you've been caressing her softly...press harder with your tongue. If you've been flicking rapidly across her clitoris...slow down into long, deep strokes.

photo of a woman's face enjoying pleasure 35. To discover how to give cunnilingus that will have her moaning uncontrollably...vary your movements by...
  • Adding pressure.
  • Using your lips and breath in addition to your tongue.
  • Changing positions.
  • Using your hands.
  • Getting your whole body involved.
  • Using your tongue to spell out the alphabet...or her name...over her clitoris to provide many different sensations.

What a Woman Needs

36. There is no magic formula for pleasuring a woman. Every woman is different. Experiment to discover how to give cunnilingus exactly the way she likes it.

37. You will know she likes what you are doing if...
  • She raises her hips to meet your mouth.
  • Her hands on the back of your head push you in for more.
  • Her vagina lubricates.
  • Her breathing is rapid.

Explosive Finale

38. It is rare for a woman to enjoy having her clitoris directly sucked during cunnilingus. So go carefully on that one. This would be a good time to ask for direction.

But very gentle suction can be a nice variation to licking during cunnilingus. Suck her into your mouth and lick her while maintaining the suction.

photo of a woman in ecstasy

39. She probably needs rhythmic stimulation to have an orgasm. So when you find something that works well...keep doing it. Don't suddenly change what you're doing.

You need to learn how to give cunnilingus without stopping. Just like when you are receiving oral sex...unexpected stops can be very frustrating. It isn't fair to take a sudden break when she is close to having an orgasm.

40. When you know how to cunnilingus like an expert...just see what happens. You'll have her moaning in ecstasy.

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With these secret weapons there is nothing stopping you from having more fun than you ever imagined. Prepare to be worshipped!

Discover how to give cunnilingus she will never forget in your complete 61 page digital book Cunnilingus Secrets...The Ultimate Guide to Going Down on a Woman.

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