Multiple Orgasm Secrets

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Use this peaking secret to experience multiple orgasms.

"Peaking" is a technique that increases your ability to experience multiple orgasms. With "peaking" you can teach your body to experience not just multiple...but almost continuous...orgasms.

Playing with your peaks to delay your orgasm in this wavelike pattern results in an unusually intense orgasm. It sets you up for a second orgasm because your body anticipates another peak.

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Two Kinds of Multiple Orgasms

Sequential orgasms...

A series of orgasms that come fairly close together...2-10 minutes apart... with a drop-off in your arousal in between.

The most common scenario for oral sex climax followed by another climax during intercourse.

Serial multiples...

An even wilder ride. Your orgasms come one after the other in rapid succession...separated by mere seconds with barely any interruption in arousal. You feel wave after wave of on top of the other.

You're most likely to have serials during full-force intercourse as he hits one or more of your hottest spots.

The Secret to Experiencing
Multiple Orgasms

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You can have almost continuous orgasms during sex.

Orgasms are like potato is never enough! You can't have just can have lots.

If you can have one can have more than one. With the right's often easier...and faster...for you to experience a second orgasm than it is your first.

One of the biggest misconceptions about multiple female orgasms is that they happen by chance or that they're some sort of fluke. Simple adjustments in your techniques may be all you need to bring on multiple orgasms.

You may need as much as twenty or thirty minutes of direct stimulation to experience an orgasm. Men ejaculate on average after 2-10 minutes of stimulation.

After he cums...your man will need time to rest and regroup. The younger the man...the shorter this period of time is. But even a teenage male can't go from one orgasm to another the way you can. No matter how sexed up his mind is...his penis needs time to recharge. So you need to wait from 10 minutes to an hour between rounds of intercourse.

Women don't require a refractory period like men do. Your body is built to experience deeper...longer...and more frequent orgasms. Women are able to stay aroused for longer and ride wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy without a time-out. You can learn to experience one orgasm after another with no down time to recharge.

4 Ways to Make Multiple Orgasms More Likely

  • Breathe faster...harder...and more heavily.
  • Alternate between tightening and loosening your pelvic muscles.
  • Stimulate two or more of your moan zones... clitoris...G spot...A spot (AFE zone) the same time.
  • Strengthen your Kegel (PC) muscles with sexercises.

A Second Serving of Dessert without Any Calories

photo of a woman experiencing an orgasm

Don't stop after the first orgasm.

After you've had an orgasm...don't assume you've reached the finale and can only experience one orgasm. The secret to experiencing multiple orgasms is...when that first orgasm happens...DON'T STOP! If you're done.

Once your clitoris becomes supersensitive...move on to stimulate your G spot...and A-spot unleash an orgasmic wave. A little firm well-placed stroking of your G spot can open up a whole new orgasmic world.

While your G spot is highly responsive to's also resilient enough to stand up to a lot of stimulation.

It's like riding a roller coaster. You dip down after the first hill before climbing back up another one. You'll be thrilled at how quickly you continue on to multiple peaks of orgasmic ecstasy.

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