Morning Sex to
Wake and Quake

Hot Sex In a Hurry...
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Morning Sex to Wake and Quake

Give your man a hot sex wake-up call. Instead of...wearing something un-sexy to bed and then immediately getting dressed in the morning...go through your getting-ready routine totally naked in front of your man.

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Get up 20-30 minutes early to allow for an interruption to your morning routine. Even if you don't have hot sex...your man will have a sexy picture of you in his mind all day.

Wash your face...make breakfast... do your hair...put on makeup...but don't put on clothes until right before you walk out the door to go to work.


A sexy place to ambush your man for a hot quickie is in bed....first thing in the morning...even if he is half asleep.

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Sex in the morning is an amazing way to start your day.

It's common for men to have erections during the night throughout their life. In fact...his penis can actually stay erect longer and be noticeably harder when a man is asleep than when he's fully aroused and awake.

A man can have three to five of these erections a night during REM sleep. So when your man comes out of the REM cycle when he first wakes up...he may wake up with an erection.

Make a Good Morning a Great Morning

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Perfect early morning sex can even happen before the alarm goes off...before the demands of your day begin to stress and distract you from thoroughly appreciating your amazing man.

The spontaneous arousal is what makes sex in the morning amazing. But nothing can kill the mood more than nasty morning breath.

You won't be able to truly enjoy early morning sex if you feel rushed. So make sure that you start early enough to have enough time if you or your man need to get to work...or save the morning sex for the weekend.

Keep the mood going by taking a shower together afterward.

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