Sex on a Plane...The Mile High Club

Hot Sex In a Hurry...33 Places for a Quickie

#9. The Mile High Club...Get Him Airborne

The thrill of having hot sex on a plane is a common fantasy.

photo of a man on a plane

The requirement for membership in the mile high club is to have sex more than one mile in the air. And since you are probably wondering... 4 percent of people claim to have actually had sex on a plane in the tiny lavatory.

Your orgasms may be intensified with the adrenaline rush from the risk of being caught. And the vibrations of the plane can add a bit of fun.

An airplane bathroom is an overrated place to have sex. It is also uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. I personally don't find toilets arousing.

Remember that scene from "Vegas Vacation" when Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo try to have sex in the bathroom of a plane? It ends with Chevy putting his foot in the toilet and staining the leg of his pants blue. Sorry...but Chevy's blue pant leg is all that comes to my mind in the airplane bathroom. I find this funny…but not sexually arousing. Not to mention the angry line forming outside the door of the bathroom while you are "busy" in there.

picture of Hot Sex In a Hurry 33 Places for a Quickie

Just stay in your seat on the red eye flight when most of the other passengers are asleep. Spread a blanket over both of your laps. Then reach underneath the blanket and give him a handjob while the lights are dimmed.

He can play the part of lookout while you go to work. I like to put the tray table down to cover up any visible hand motions. And go slowly so you don't give yourself away with a loud thumping noise.


Or when he's asleep on the plane...reach under his blanket...unzip his pants...and give him a mile-high wake-up call.

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