Massage Your "Sole-Mate's" Feet

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A foot massage is a great way to soothe achy arches. Do this tantalizing massage especially well and you may affect more than just a man's feet.

Feet are packed full of nerves...remember those too-tight shoes? Since a man's feet are often neglected...stimulating them can produce an unexpected shock of pleasure.

Jump in Feet First

Take the time to give him an amazing foot him what you've really got. Fuel his fantasies. He'll be thinking: "OMG...if she is this good on my FEET...just think how good she will be on my..." Oh, yeah...make him moan...

Arouse Him with Acupressure

blue checkmarkApply pressure with the heel of your hand.

blue checkmarkSmooth his skin from the base of his big toe...along the top of his foot...and up the inside of his leg.

blue checkmarkGently rub each toe between your thumb and forefinger. Move up and down the "V" between his toes.

blue checkmarkCradle one of his heels in your hands then work around the outside of his foot with firm strokes of your fingers.

picture of Footjob Fantastiques

See Inside

blue checkmarkMassage his anklebone for a minute or so...and while you're there...rotate his foot a few times to help release tension from his legs.

blue checkmarkThe inside and lower areas of the arch are the most erogenous zones of the foot. Place both of your thumbs inside his arch. Use slow, circular motions to work your way up to the balls of his feet. Now go back down to his heel.

blue checkmarkGo back and forth across the middle of his arch three times.

Don't feel insecure about your technique. Even though you're not a reflexologist...your man will enjoy this immensely.

blue checkmarkMaintain the same motion as you work your way up to the base of his toes.

blue checkmarkApply gentle pressure between each toe to relax your man even further. Now gently wiggle each toe one at a time.

blue checkmarkStart the over on the other side and treat his other foot.

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