Massage Secrets

With a Body Massage Candle

photo of a sexy woman with a man tied to a bed A sexy massage can lead into some very hot foreplay.

Foreplay is anything before the act of intercourse that gets you aroused. The hotter the foreplay...the hotter the arousal. The hotter the arousal...the hotter the sex.

A sexy massage is great foreplay to relax the body and mind and it erotically excites your man...and you.

Your man will thrill to a full body massage delivered with sensuously warmed oil from a body massage candle. This erotic massage is a naughty fun beginning to even more pleasure to follow.

photo of a Kissable Kandle edible massage candle

A massage candle is a fragrant candle and warm massage oil in one. Try one for some amazing erotic fun. Give him a sexy massage while you heat him up with the sensuously warmed oil.

This unique flavored body massage candle flavored body massage candle is available for $8 from Amazon.

12 Steps to Light His Fire

photo of a lit massage candle

1. Light a Kissable Kandle body massage candle.

2. Wait 20-30 minutes for a pool of hot oil to form on the candle. After it melts...the candle transforms into warm and silky massage oil.

The oils melt at a much lower temperature than candle wax so they won't burn when poured directly onto skin from the tin.

3. Slowly peel away his clothes as you move down to his chest or back. As you're undressing him...very slowly peel away your clothes too.

Lap Dance and Striptease...Insider's Guide to Becoming A Man's Ultimate Fantasy has some hot ideas for you.

photo of melted massage candle

4. After the wax melts...have your man lie down comfortably on your sexy bed.

Extinguish the flame of the lotion candle and slowly pour a few tablespoons of the wax onto your breasts.

Look into his eyes for a few seconds as you lick your finger and run it slowly over your breasts. Give him your sexiest "I'm a bad girl" look.

Play with your nipples a bit. Pour the oil into your hand and let it drip through your fingers onto your skin.

Look at your breasts as you arch your back and suck the delicious vanilla lotion from your fingers.

5. Slowly pour a bit more of the melted lotion from the tin over your breasts.

Gently and erotically rub and massage the melted lotion over your skin.

photo of a woman's damp torso

Rub it in to leave your skin feeling soft and smelling delicious. The silky oil is warm and soothing to help relax you and put you in the mood. No more cold hands or cold lotion.

The oil from the massage candle looks and feels great on your skin. It isn't waxy or greasy. It gives enough slip for a long massage then sinks into your skin in seconds without leaving a greasy residue. It isn't sticky...slippery...or most massage oils. It just leaves the delicious fragrance behind.

6. Lean forward and use your breasts to rub the melted massage candle lotion on his body using your hands as little as possible. Use your whole body to rub against his penis...his leg...or his increase your own arousal as well as his.

Let your body move naturally along with your mouth and hands. Make this a sensual dance. Really show him you are enjoying yourself.

He'll think that's a nice treat...but wait there's more...

12 Steps to Light His Fire

Your man will be feeling blissfully heated by your sexy massage now. But you aren't finished with him yet...

7. Straddle his abdomen and run your hands over his chest... abdomen...arms.

Kiss his thighs and nibble on his nipples. Leave a trail of kisses behind...from your lips all over his body.

Stroke the spot below his navel and continue all the way down to the base of his penis.

Run a couple of fingernails gently from just below his navel to his upper torso and his back.

Intensify your sexy massage with 17 Erotic Pressure Points.

photo of a sexy woman in bra and panties giving a man a back massage

8. Roll him over so he is face down. Massage his scalp and run your fingers down the nape of his neck.

9. Massage up and down his body with your nicely lubed breasts. The combination of your warm slick breasts and your hard nipples will feel fantastic.

10. Straddle him and grind into his butt with your crotch.

Rub down his shoulders to get him even more aroused.

photo of a man's lower back

11. Give him a back rub with your breasts.

12. Give him a quick spank or squeeze.

An Explosive Finale

Bring the erotic massage to a climax by finishing him off with a handjob he'll never forget.

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With these secret weapons there is nothing stopping you from having more intense satisfaction and fun than you ever imagined.

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