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Discover sensual secrets of erotic massage.

Ignite your sex life to new levels of passion with sexy lap dance and striptease techniques.

Watch sample videos from the Success with Men...7 Ultimate Secrets Course.

Stocking Seduction...Watch Videos

Watch sample videos from the Success with Men...7 Ultimate Secrets Course.
photo of Marilyn Monroe

Massage Seduction...Marilyn Monroe's Bedroom Secret

22 easy to follow steps for the ultimate in erotic massage. Marilyn's sensual bedroom secret works with a man...or alone. How to make a man feel sexy.

photo of a womans hands giving a sexy massage

Sexy Massage

How to give an erotic massage with the melted oil from a massage candle. A sensual full body-to-body massage performed with a unique type of massage gel. How to use erotic massage as foreplay.

photo of the hands of a woman on the bare chest of a man

Massage as Foreplay

Enjoy giving your man a step-by-step erotic massage as a prelude to sex. A non-oily lube to use for a massage. Discover percussion techniques. How to use a baker's basic over his back and thighs.

photo of the naked back of a woman

How to Massage with Nuru Gel For an Erotic Adventure

Amaze your man with a sensual full body-to-body massage using Nuru gel. Feel like a powerful, wet-n-wild sex goddess.

photo of a womans foot under the table on a mans fly

Footjob Fantastiques

A footjob is like a handjob but using your feet instead of your hands. A footjob is an erotic treat by itself or as an addition to a blowjob.

photo of a woman giving a foot massage

Foot Massage...An Erotic Sole-Mate Massage

A tantalizing foot massage to soothe achy arches and sore feet. Easy 9 step acupressure treatment for feet. Produce an unexpected shock of pleasure by stimulating neglected feet.

photo of a woman giving a sexy lap dance

Dirty Lap Dance and Striptease

Give your man his ultimate fantasy as you combine a dirty lap dance and striptease. Feel irresistibly attractive as you unleash your inner sex goddess. Rules of engagement for explosive results.

photo of a woman giving a sexy lap dance

Lap Dancing Perfection

Discover one of the top 3 favorite lap dancing moves of men. Discover the first rule for the sexiest lap dancing. Soundtrack suggestions to get you started. Unleash the sexy lean and the crawl on your man. What to say to arouse your man even more.

photo of a woman with her hand in a mans pants

How to Undress a Man

8 seductive steps to undressing your man. Here is your easy guide to how to undress a man without feeling awkward. Add to your man's arousal by helping him to take it all off.
photo of a woman hugging a man with a gift in her hand

Favorite Gift Ideas for Men...
A Boudoir Photo Shoot

One of the best gift ideas for men is a personal collection of photos of his woman. Boudoir photos are sexy and flattering. Discover how to boost your confidence as you create a memorable gift you will keep forever.

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