Massage His Prostate for the Ultimate Orgasm

photo of a sexy man's rear end

Prostate massage to orgasm can turn a good blowjob into an unforgettable experience. Orgasms from prostate stimulation are often very deep... intense... and outrageously powerful. These other-worldly orgasms are known by many men as "Super O's".

The area around a man's anus is extremely sensitive to light touch and deep pressure. Many men find that when they're aroused...having their prostate stimulated is intensely pleasurable.

Many men are very nervous about their back tread carefully there. Not all men like stimulation on or in their anus...or are even willing to experiment with it. But if your man is ready to experiment with ways to expand his orgasmic experience...prostate massage to orgasm can add a new dimension of pleasure.

Prostate massage to orgasm is not just about penetration.

Your man may enjoy...

  • Light massage
  • Circular rubbing
  • Simple rhythmic tapping

....around his anus.

If you have long fingernails... going anywhere near his anus is a bad idea.

Gauging His Response

Just because he hasn't asked for it doesn't mean he's not interested in a prostate massage to orgasm.

First gauge his interest in prostate massage to orgasm by circling his back door softly with your finger. If he doesn't tell you to stop…and his erection doesn't soften...he's probably enjoying it.

For some men...simply having their anus touched is all it takes to push them over the edge.

His prostate may be too soft to feel easily in its non-aroused state. You may not be able to feel it at all until he becomes aroused...when it swells and hardens. He may enjoy beginning prostate massage more after he is already aroused.

Anal penetration hurts when...
  • You go too fast.
  • You don't use enough lube.
  • The recipient isn't relaxed.

The P-spot...His Prostate

1. With the flat of your well-lubed lightly on the anal opening and hold your finger there. Increase the pressure a little as you massage and press in a circular motion.

2. Go very slowly as you massage. And ask him if he wants you to insert your finger.

3. If he approves...use a latex glove...or a condom over your finger like a glove. Gloves provide a firm and slippery sensation that feels absolutely delicious on the delicate anal tissue.

4. Generously lube up your condom-covered finger with silicone lubricant. The anus is a non-lubricated does not lubricate like a mouth or vagina...and the skin is thin enough to abrade easily. Use a lot of lubrication.

5. To stimulate his prostate internally...slowly slide your finger in up to the first joint...about an inch...and hold it there for a few breaths. His penis can be in your mouth or other hand.

6. Go slowly and give him a moment to adjust. Then start making circular motions around the opening of his anus. Don't poke...push...or stab forward.

7. You'll feel the ring of muscles around his opening squeeze and contract...just stay still as the muscles relax. When you feel the muscles relax...slide your finger in slowly a little bit more then back out. Do a gentle in-and-out motion...without inserting your finger all the way in yet.

8. This may be all it takes for him to cum...or to decide that it's not what he wants right now. If his body language and directions say he wants more... progress to more stimulation. Just do everything very slowly.

9. Push your finger in deeper until you feel a round bulb of tissue...that's his prostate. In size it can be anywhere from the size of a small chestnut to a large walnut...or even larger in men over forty.

10. Once you are in to your second knuckle…gently begin to make a repeated "come hither" motion with your finger. This will make the tip of your finger tap his P-spot...prostate. Massage it gently but firmly.

diagram of prostate stimulation

11. If he doesn't respond to the come hither motion…start wide and swirl your finger in a circle until you hit his prostate. Then gradually experiment with going faster and firmer. Or keep your curved finger stiff and move it in and out.

Keep checking to make sure he likes what you're doing.

As he gets close to orgasm...the prostate gland will swell more. It will get quite hard..then contract...before he ejaculates.

Prepare to be worshipped.

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Where is His Prostate Gland?

The prostate gland is within the front wall of the anal opening...usually around 1-3 inches inside and forward...toward the navel. You will find it above the center of his taint.

His prostate gland is an organ with major orgasmic your G-spot. The P-spot is very sensitive and pressure on the prostate results in intense, deep sensations...totally different from penile stimulation...but still very pleasurable.

Apart from possibly making him feel like peeing...touching his prostate will certainly make him feel a fullness and pressure that he can feel in his penis.

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