Massage as Foreplay

Foreplay is anything before the act of intercourse that gets you excited. Massage is a great prelude to sex. It also relaxes the body and mind...which can help relieve performance anxiety.

To get your man anticipating your the middle of the day...send your man a text message...
"Hot date tonight. 8 pm sharp."

When he shows up...

Music is the Food of Love

Choose some sexy and relaxing music to set the mood during a massage.

Some suggestions to get you started on your musical playlist...


picture of candles setting a sensual atmosphere

Candles can create a sensual mood.

Candles and dimmed lighting create an intimate private mood for your massage.

Check that the temperature in the room is comfortably warm. You may enjoy some fluffy robes to lounge about in.

The Main Event

picture of silicone lubricant

Silicone personal lubricant makes an excellent massage lube.

Position Yourself

Kneel beside him. Lean your body weight onto your closed fist pressed into his back. Rock your body back and forth to apply more pressure.

photo of a woman kissing the neck of a man

The nape of a man's neck is an erotic pleasure zone.

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And then after massaging his...

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Percussion Techniques

Rolling Pin

photo of a pastry roller

Use a pastry roller on his less sensitive zones.

Since we aren't baking many pies at home is a use for that rolling pin in your bottom kitchen drawer. Or, if you don't have one...$4 at will buy you this pastry roller.

Run this baker's basic over his back and thighs.

Pummel His Tush

photo of the very sexy rear end of a man
Don't neglect your man's gluteus muscles.

Have your man roll over and lie face down.

Straddle his back facing his feet so you can focus all of your energy on his butt and thighs.

These muscles are among the largest in the body...yet they're often overlooked. Plus...they're packed with nerve handling them can be highly pleasurable.

A nice, firm butt massage can be even better than a back massage to relax his lower-body tension.

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