Massage 17 Erotic Points to Add Pleasure

Pressing acupressure points acts like a concentrated massage to add a new dimension of pleasure to oral sex...or intercourse. Incorporate these pressure points at any stage during sex.

The most effective way to activate his pressure points is to press the point firmly with the pads of your fingers. Apply a pressure...for up to five seconds at a time. Encourage him to breathe deeply as you press.

diagram of erotic pressure points on the genitals of a man

15 pressure points.

Some points are more sensitive than others. Avoid pressing directly on the high ridges of bones.

Three points are located on the mons at the top edge of the center of the pubic bone. Pressing them produces a warm...pleasant sensation and focuses energy and awareness on the entire genital system. This will also help him relax and concentrate on his arousal.

diagram of erotic pressure points on the rear of a man

2 pressure points.

On the inside of the upper thigh... at the crease where the thigh meets the body in front...are six points that heighten pleasurable sensitivity and awareness.

Two pressure points on the base of the spine increase pleasure during oral sex and can be added to your erotic pressure point repertoire.

More Erotic Techniques

The W

photo of the W zone on the chest of a man

The invisible lines that make up this W-shape are especially sensitive.

The invisible lines that make up this W-shape are thin-skinned and full of nerve endings...making them especially sensitive. Trace your fingers...or tongue...slowly over this W during foreplay.

Amp up that same move by repeating it on his groin during a blowjob.

Start at the spot where his left thigh meets his groin...

1. Move your tongue down toward his scrotum.

2. Up between his balls.

3. Come down and around.

4. Finish in the crease between his right thigh and his groin.

Mock Ménage à Trois

Take oral sex to a whole new level by massaging his buttocks as you're going down on him.

1. Have him lie on his back...his knees bent and spread apart.

2. Slide your hands under his butt. Pump your fingertips into his skin gently.

3. Bring the head of his penis to your mouth. Take him in and out at the same speed as your fingers pump his backside.

4. Keep one hand either around his penis or touching his balls...and use your other hand to scratch his inner thighs or stroke his buttocks.

5. You can prevent him from going over the edge too soon by focusing only on the massage.

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