Marilyn Monroe's
Sexy Bedroom Secret

photo of Marilyn Monroe

What was Marilyn Monroe famous for in the bedroom?

What was Marilyn Monroe famous for in the bedroom? What was her sexy bedroom secret that sent John F. Kennedy...and all her lovers...absolutely wild...and coming back for more...and more...and more?

Marilyn is the most famous sex symbol of all times. Her appearance in the first issue of Hugh Hefner's Playboy as the first Playmate helped define the future of glamour photography.

Marilyn Monroe was...and still is...unique and years ahead of her time. Her sensual bedroom secret works with a man...or alone.

Here is Marilyn Monroe's seduction secret. Feel free to borrow it and make it your own signature move.

22 Steps to Heaven's Gate

For the ultimate seduction...

1. Slowly and sensuously undress him.

2. Turn down the clean luxurious white sheets on your sexy bed.

3. Have him lie face down on the bed...with his head on the end of the bed facing the room.

4. Stand where he can watch while you strip down to your sexiest black lace bra and panties.

5. Massage warm oil into his skin. The best oil to use...for your own pleasure and the oil from a melted massage candle.

6. Slowly and a cat waking from a nap...climb on top of him. Start at his feet and slither up to his waist.

7. Whisper in his ear in your sexiest voice: "Do you want to help make me come? Then I need you to stay very, very still...until I tell you to move...and then you can have your turn..."

8. Unfasten your bra and slide the straps down. Remove your bra and toss it gently so that it lands a foot or two in front of his face.

photo of a woman's hands removing panties

He'll be moaning.

9. Rise to your knees and arch your back. Your man will probably be moaning...and now in your erotic massage seduction. If you need to do so...remind him to stay still so you can continue.

10. Slide off your panties. Practice doing this on your knees on the bed beforehand. If this feels too awkward...then get off him and remove your panties like a sex goddess while standing in front of him on the floor.

11. Slide back up his body until you are kneeling over his buttocks.

12. Slide your hands over his arms. Weave your fingers between his fingers.

13. Keep slowly and sensuously moving as you change positions to touch every inch of his body with yours during your erotic massage seduction. Kiss his back and admire his masculine muscles.

14. Occasionally let him hear your moans of pleasure. Don't forget to say the sexiest thing to say to a man. Whisper it a few times in your most erotic voice.

15. Stretch out across his back and make love to his back with your bare breasts. Channel your inner "Marilyn Monroe" as you send your man to paradise with your velvety skin.

16. Grind your hips in slow, small circles. Press your pubic bone directly against his tailbone until you find just the right place to stimulate your clitoris.

17. Rub your clitoris against his well lubricated skin. Move up...down...and around to stoke your own fire as you heat him up to a volcanic eruption.

18. When you feel yourself getting closer to orgasm...start moving faster.

19. Your man can't see what you are unleash your wildest inner sex goddess.

photo of Marilyn Monroe

Be a sex goddess.

20. Whisper in his ear when you are getting close...and closer.

21. Get your moan on as you experience orgasm. Hold him tightly and let him feel every pulse of your orgasm. Squeeze your Kegel (PC) muscles tightly as you climax. Breathe deeply throughout your massage seduction.

22. Tell your man: "It's your turn now..." But he won't need any reminding. And now you are primed and ready for multiple orgasms during intercourse. It is going to be a night to remember...for both of you.

You have become the sex goddess every man dreams of... a woman who can get all the sexual pleasure she wants...all by herself.

A man never feels more sexy...more powerful...more turned on ...than when he knows that he is turning you on.
You've become every man's erotic fantasy...just like Marilyn Monroe.

Next time...set up a full length mirror at the foot of the bed so he can watch your amazing moves.

NOTE: You can also use a vibrator on your clitoris during this for more intense stimulation to orgasm.

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