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cast of Satisfaction TV show

Your seduction lingerie is not only exciting for your will boost your sexual confidence as you feel even more beautiful and desirable.

TV can provide inspiration for sexy seduction lingerie.

Satisfaction is the best TV show you have probably not yet seen.

This mesmerizing series is like a luxurious warm bath...taken while sipping Champagne. Like very soft porn for an intelligent provides the voyeuristic thrill of a glimpse into a different lifestyle... that of prostitution.

This provocative series is about the lives and loves of five sex workers in a high class brothel in Melbourne, Australia.

Their wealthy clients come in search of satisfaction and fulfillment for their sometimes unusual fantasies.

The plot is more sophisticated than that of Pretty Woman...and avoids the obvious cliches of the sex industry. But you will occasionally see some hot seduction lingerie...and hot sex.

You will also get to see what men will pay for...and pay a lot for.

But who wouldn't pay for satisfaction of their fantasies? You may even get a idea or two to use with your man at home for an evening of passionate fun.

Unless you live in don't see this beautiful scenery everyday. The sophisticated decor of the business (called "232") and the sleek homes of the characters is so may be considering a move to Melbourne.


The wardrobe of the characters is understated...elegant... glamorous...and gorgeous.

Don't miss the seduction lingerie shown on the show for more yummy ideas for your own wardrobe.

You can see the 10 episodes of season 1 and the 10 episodes of season 2 on Netflix Watch Instantly. If you don't have might be worth taking their one month free trial to watch this. Season 3 is available for online viewing on

The addictive pleasure of Satisfaction may also inspire you with some dress up games for your own sexy scenario adventures.

Here is the opening sequence of

Dress Up Games For Fantasy Adventures

Everyone has a sexual fantasy. Share your fantasy with your man...he wants to hear it. Let him share his fantasy with you...and fulfill it for him. Play nurse to his doctor...captive to his pirate...

Don't miss these 22 hot seduction lingerie roles to get you started with some sexy fun of your own.

Dress up games can give your man the variety...the adventure...and the satisfaction he craves...with you.

Give your man his fantasy. Give yourself YOUR fantasy. And a little role playing fun at home is less expensive than an adventure vacation.

If you have ever fantasized about being Marilyn Monroe...don't miss her amazing bedroom secret.

Lose your inhibitions and unleash your inner child by playing "dress up". Don't be too serious...just relax and have some fun. You can even make this a bit funny...a little humor can help you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Your sexy scenario adventure could even be a chance to make a video with your man...just for fun. See the Intelligent Woman's Guide to Making a Sex Video for a few caveats before the camera rolls.

Dressing the Part

Costumed role play is a chance for you to be who you have fantasized about being. Try being who you have always been too afraid or inhibited to be during a sexy scenario adventure.

A costume will help you to slide into your "role". Savor this chance to escape from your everyday life.

picture of Sexy Scenarios...
Play Out All the Passionate Possibilities

Sexy Scenarios...Play Out All the Passionate Possibilities has more for you. If you are short on time or money...there are some great costumes that you can put together with clothes and accessories that are most likely already in your closet.

And you can always spice up your outfits with finds from your local thrift shop. After Halloween...thrift shops are flooded with great costume materials. Or for around $25 many of the costumes can be ordered from Amazon.

A garter belt and fishnet stockings make a good addition to just about any fantasy outfit...good for almost all occasions.

Or use this as an excuse to treat yourself to a beautiful new matched bra and panty set.

Don't miss the secret to the sexiest bra.

Finishing Touches

The most important thing about your hair...and everything about your seduction that it makes you feel sexy!

Your hair should look soft and healthy...and most importantly of all...touchable. Lose the heavy hair products...especially the heavy hairspray.

Let your hair hang loose and playfully flowing...or tie it up in a ponytail to be freed at the right moment for a dramatic impact. If you usually wear your hair straight...try curly for your fantasy escape.

If you have curly hair...try wearing it straight. Role playing during dress up games is all about experimentation...dare to be different from your everyday self in your sex game fun.

Personally...I don't find wigs comfortable. And a wig can get jarred out of place during the action and look weird. And wearing a wig and taking it off during the action...well no one's hair looks good after having been under a wig.

So instead...try clipping on a ponytail. Clip-on hair extensions are a cheap and easy way to add length to hair. Add-on hair pieces make it simple to add height...volume...and texture. Try your local beauty supply store...such as Sally Beauty Supply...for these.

Defined eye makeup is a flattering complement to your seduction lingerie. Now is the time to work that black liquid eyeliner. And don't forget the "porn star" lip gloss.

Set the stage for the satisfaction of your fantasy. Have your props handy. Lower the lighting. Make your seduction lingerie part of your sensual home sanctuary.

Don't forget a sexy musical soundtrack to set the mood for your adventure into satisfaction.

Grand Finale

photo of a sexy woman wearing a corset 
 and garter belt with black stockings

And the most important thing of all...add a "heapin' helpin'" of self confidence. Va-va-voom...unleash your inner bombshell as you unleash your seduction lingerie. You know she's in there waiting to come out and play. You are awesome...and your man knows it! Check this out
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