Lap Dance Secrets

woman in lingerie on the lap of a man

Captivate your man as his lap dance goddess.

Lap dancing can be as much fun for you as it is for your man. Nothing quite arouses a man like the sight and feel of a woman moving sensually on his lap.

Rules of Engagement

Rule #1 for giving the sexiest lap no time during your entire performance is your man allowed to touch you. The whole point is to drive a man crazy with anticipation for what is to come.

If he is allowed to just reach out and grab you anytime he wants during this will kill the build up and anticipation.

Soundtrack Suggestions

Choose music for your sexy lap dance that turns you on. Choose something wildly sexy like...

To get started with your performance...give your man...

1. The Sexy Lean

2. The Crawl

The Top 3 Favorite Lap Dance Moves of Men

1. Dancing Against Him

2. Touching Yourself

The key here is to go very slowly. It's all about the tease...since he can't touch you.

3. Bending Over To Give Him a Hot Rear View

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