Lap Dance and Striptease Secrets

photo of the back of a 
woman's corset being laced To give your man his ultimate fantasy...

1. You will strip down to your bra, panties, garter belt and stockings.

2. You will give him an amazing lap dance.

3. You will follow that with the rest of your strip routine. This performance will fuel his dreams for some time to come.

This will not include "pole dancing". While pole dancing is fun...unless you live in a fire station or are a "pro" probably don't have a pole installed at home. No special equipment is required for this routine.

Rules of Engagement

At no time during this entire striptease performance is your man allowed to touch you.

But you can touch...lick...caress...nudge...and tickle him all you want.

But if he so much as reaches out in your direction...slap his wrist and give him a warning. Let him know that if he does it again...the dance is exceptions.

photo of a sexy woman combining a striptease and a lap dance

Your goal is to get him so hot he just can't stand it. Then you will keep him there until you are done. So make sure he keeps his hands off you.

Getting him aroused and then denying him instant gratification will give you explosive results later. Make him wait to open your present!

The Music of Seduction

The key to having fun while dancing is the music.

Choose music you can really lose yourself in and you will leave your man breathless with anticipation.

photo of a woman stripping for a man

If you use music that is too fast you may end up bouncing about like a bobble-head doll. Use music with a slower and more sensual tempo. Take your time and let your man savor every moment. The music you choose should inspire graceful movements that flow together smoothly.

A few suggestions for your personal striptease soundtrack...

Dressing the Part

photo of a woman in sexy black lingerie and gloves

Add to the excitement and fun of a dirty lap dance by becoming a fantasy character as you express your sensuality for your man.

You can use a little blusher on your nipples to make them look more defined and aroused.

Defined eye makeup is good for your striptease performance. Now is the time to work that black liquid eyeliner. And don't forget the "porn star" lip gloss.

But forget body is trashy and messy. And it is painful if it gets in your eye.

It is very important to wear sexy lingerie that is easy to remove.

Practice a few times to make sure you can remove all your lingerie smoothly and seductively. Don't forget to wear a sexy bra with your sexy clothes. Your cleavage should be saying: "Here I am baby. I am your very own Private Dancer".

photo of sexy 

There's not really an elegant way to remove most shoes. The whole effect of your private dance is instantly ruined if you have to stop and lean over and fiddle with straps.

That is why high heeled slip-on mules are de rigueur for strippers. You can order high heeled mules online from Fredericks of Hollywood for $29. High heeled pumps are second best.

If you aren't comfortable in high heels...doing your routine barefoot is probably the safest bet.

Wearing high heeled shoes makes your legs look longer. But strutting on your tip-toes can give you almost the same effect.

photo a a feather boa
For your stripper's "phallic object" use...
  • A feather boa...the stripper's standard.
  • A long strand of pearls...a personal favorite.
  • A long silk scarf.

One thing I love about using a silk can use it later to blindfold your man before giving him a mind blowing dirty lap dance.

photo of black lace gloves Some other additions to your dirty lap dance outfit might include...
  • A short skirt...mine is black leather.
  • Sexy over the elbows French lace or black satin gloves.
  • A sheer blouse.
  • A G-string.
  • A garter belt with black seamed stockings or black fishnets.
  • Large dangly earrings.

Another time you might even try a striptease wearing a sexy costume...such as a...

picture of a sexy French maid
photo of a woman wearing a lace mask

You can even wear a mask to preserve the mystery and give yourself a boost of confidence for your private dance performance.

photo of a woman unhooking her bra

To start your man conquering performance...

  • Dim the lights. Start the music.
  • Your man will cheer each item you toss his way. He'll appreciate your look...your effort...and that you did it all just for him.
  • Turn and bend over as you pull the long strand of pearls between your thighs.
  • Don't forget the classic Gypsy Rose Lee hook...the move that put the tease in striptease.
  • Grab something and cover yourself while you remove your bra. He'll get to see it...but only a glimpse at a time.
  • He'll get to have it too...but not until the show is over.

This is just a sample from Lap Dance and Striptease... Insider's Guide to Becoming a Man's Ultimate Fantasy

picture of cover of Lap Dance and Striptease Insider's Guide to Becoming a Man's Ultimate Fantasy

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