Kiss Sexy...

A Kiss CAN Be More Than Just a Kiss

Give your man the perfect sexy dirty kiss that will keep him coming back for more. Take control of his body and mind as you show him how much you want him.

photo of couple kissing passionately in the rain

The perfect kiss can last forever.

Kissing is one of the most sensual of all the acts of foreplay... seduction...and sex. You feel a kiss with your body...heart...and mind. Even by itself...kissing can be wildly exciting...sensationally sexy.

The perfect sexy dirty kiss can be combined with some sexy language to build his anticipation even more.

Can you ever forget Kevin Costner's line in Bull Durham: "I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last 3 days..."?

Try to tell him what you need without making him feel like he is doing something wrong…or is missing something. Say: "Let's slow down. I want to enjoy every single second..." rather than saying: "I need more foreplay".

Masterful foreplay is like taking a rubber band and stretching it out more and more. When you finally let it go…the release will be much stronger than if you hadn't stretched it out.

Would you like to trigger a man's most intense desire for you?

Here's how to fuel his passion in 36 tantalizing steps...

1. Show your man your desire for him by making long...and arousing...eye contact.

2. Grab him around the back of his neck or head.

3. Bring yourself in close to his face.

4. Look at his lips and imagine the pleasure they will be giving you. Let him see the passion in your eyes.

5. Focus your eyes on his mouth for a couple of seconds as you slowly run your tongue over your lips.

6. Now look longingly into his eyes as you begin turning up the heat.

7. Move in slowly toward his lips like they're hot and you don't want to burn yourself. But don't kiss him yet...hold back before you start unleashing your techniques. Let your breath tickle and stimulate his face.

8. When you reach his ear let him hear you let out a little sigh. Move your face around his. Let him hear you breathing. Whisper in his ear what you'd like him to do to you.

9. Move down to his neck. Run your fingernails lightly over the back of his neck and shoulders.

10. Give him a squeeze and slide your hands up and down his body.

11. Lean back and arch your back.

12. Grind your pelvis into him.

13. Gently and softly give his lips a couple of short dirty kisses. Tease him and drive him wild.

14. Gently and softly kiss the corner of his mouth and his neck a few times.

15. Move your hands up the back of his head like you are giving him a scalp massage.

16. When kissing your man...use both your outer and inner lips. This will feel more sensual and engaging for him. This is also a good thing to remember when you are giving him oral sex.

Only put as much of your tongue in his mouth as he does in yours...good technique is about more than just thrusting your tongue in his mouth.

17. Slowly trace your tongue around his lips. First on the outside...and then on the inside.

18. Slowly insert your tongue just beyond his parted lips. Use just a bit more pressure with your lips now. A soft, wide tongue is more inviting than a darting poker. Don't just stick your tongue into his mouth.

19. Pull your tongue out of his mouth and gently suck on his bottom lip.

20. Tease the tip of your tongue against his.

21. Alternate between lightly sucking on his tongue and moving your tongue around the inside of his mouth.

22. Alternate long open kisses with gentle nibbles.

23. Gently suck his lips one at a time in your mouth.

24. Very gently bite his lower lip for the start of a wildly dirty kiss.

Don't Forget to Use Your Hands

25. Don't forget to use your hands with your dirty kiss.

Grab his hips when you are kissing him. Rub his buttocks with slow deep circles. You can even slap his ass...or give it a grab.

26. If you are standing...curl your legs tightly around his and give him a squeeze before undoing your legs.

27. Admire and caress him as you slide off his shirt.

28. Compliment his arms...chest...and shoulders.

29. Slowly remove your clothes down to your bra and panties.

Prolong his anticipation. He loves foreplay almost as much as he loves your breasts.

30. Touch yourself with sensual squeezes and erotic strokes.

Add a few of these lap dance and striptease techniques to supercharge your dirty kiss.

Since you have no doubt left him weak in the knees by now...he should be sitting down. If not...put a hand on his chest and gently push him down into a chair. Slowly climb up him until you are sitting in his lap.

31. Brush your fingertips...cheeks...and breasts very lightly past his lips.

32. Lick his fingers and then lead them down into your panties.

33. Tease your fingers over his mouth.

34. Hold your face up to his and sensuously gaze into his eyes.

35. Take your finger into your mouth and give it a little suck.

36. Touch...lick and give your man a hot dirty kiss.

Not just on the areas that turn him on…but the ones that turn you on as well. Stimulate the nape of his neck...his chest...his nipples...his butt and thighs.

Now your dirty kissing technique have made him yours to control. Do with him whatever you want. Tease him by walking away or have him sit and give him a little lap dance.

For step by step instructions for delivering the hottest lap dance ever see Lap Dance and Striptease...Insider's Guide to Becoming a Man's Ultimate Fantasy

5 Powerful Ways to
Add to the Action

1. The Sweet Tease

 photo of a man and woman kissing The thrill of the chase is always tease your man in a way that lets the anticipation build.
  • Slowly graze your lips up the side of his neck. Cover every inch with tiny dirty kisses.
  • Brush your lips over his and whisper: "You have never looked sexier." Look into his eyes seductively and subtly trace his lower lip with your tongue.
  • Gently use both of your lips to suck on his lower lip for a second...then suck on his top lip.
  • Continue to alternate between his top and bottom lips a few times.
  • Cut the session short and whisper something like: "Just wait until you see what I am going to do to you later."

2. Naughty Nibbler

photo of a woman passionately biting a man's lower lip

The area around the edges of the mouth is extremely sensitive to touch...but it's often overlooked since most people focus on the plump part of the lips.

  • Kiss him and then use the tip of your tongue to trace the edge of his upper lip lightly. Slowly trace your tongue around his lips. First on the outside...and then on the inside.
  • Pull back and playfully kiss him again. Now trace the border of his bottom lip with your tongue to make him imagine it swirling around the tip of his penis.
  • Gently and softly kiss the corner of his mouth. Gently kiss around the edges of his lips. Brush your mouth across his cheek. Move down and nibble his jaw line.

3. The Love Lock

photo of a woman's hands on a man's bare back Get a lock on your man's heart as you intensify his passion.
  • Wrap your arms around him and slide your hands down his back.
  • Rest your fingertips just above his butt crack and press slowly but firmly into the triangular bone there.
  • Curl your legs tightly around his and give him a squeeze before undoing your legs.
  • Slide your hands up and down his body.
  • Grab his hips and rub his buttocks with slow deep circles. Slap his butt...or give it a grab.

4. The French Connection

photo of a man and a woman kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower

Intensify your French kissing technique with a few enhancements:

  • Gradually make your hot dirty kiss more intense by licking the tip of his tongue.
  • Start with gentle tongue swirls. Then suck on his tongue like it is his penis. Gradually progress to slightly more forceful nibbles and nips.
  • Alternate between lightly sucking on his tongue and moving your tongue around the inside of his mouth.
  • And as he is thrusting during sex...take his tongue into your mouth and very lightly suck on it with the rhythm of his thrusting.

5. Tongue Twister

close up photo of a man and woman kissing Give your man a mouth to mouth version of sex thrusting.
  • Stick your tongue out of your mouth and slide it between his loosely closed lips.
  • Slip your tongue slowly in and out.
  • Place your lips around his upper lip. Alternate soft nuzzles with tender sucking. Now switch to sucking his lower lip. Very gently bite his lower lip.
  • With the tip of your tongue...lick the little indentation where his lip and chin meet. This area is surprisingly sensitive and often overlooked... which makes it that much more pleasurable.

Use your hot dirty kissing techniques to your advantage and keep the passion alive between you.

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