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4 Best Positions for Jacuzzi Sex

Water sex positions can take advantage of water making you bouyant. Floating in the water can make experimenting with new positions for aqua sex even more fun. Here are 4 positions you won't want to miss...

1. Woman On Top

picture of a man and woman having sex in a Jacuzzi

The easiest position for Jacuzzi sex is definitely you on top. Have your man sit on one of the built-in seats...and you sit on his lap. You can face him...or face away.

You will be able to control the angle...speed...and depth of penetration. For more stability...you can hold his shoulders and place the bottom of your feet on either side of him on the Jacuzzi bench.

2. On The Edge

man an woman positioned for sex in a Jacuzzi

Lie on your back by the edge of the Jacuzzi. Put your arms behind you and hold onto the sides of the Jacuzzi while you let the rest of your body float in the water.

You can get better penetration if you put your legs on top of his shoulders.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

Have your man sit on the Jacuzzi bench while you straddle him facing away. Grasp his shoulders for support while you grind on him. He can wrap his hands around your waist to guide you as you bounce up and down.

You are in control to make sure your clitoris is hit at the right angle to have an orgasm. Bend your knees up to his shoulders to allow for better and deeper penetration.

4. Doggie Style

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Doggie style is one of the best water sex positions.

For doggie style...get on your knees on the Jacuzzi bench facing the wall of the Jacuzzi. Bend over the side of the Jacuzzi and hold on to the edge for support. Your man then enters you from behind and holds onto your waist for support.

A Jacuzzi is a great place to have sex in public. People can't see what is going on under the water if you have a lot of bubbles. You can sit on your man's lap under the water and just move your swimsuit over and slide his penis in.

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