How to Put on a Condom...

The best way to learn how to put on a condom is to practice putting them on...either by yourself or with your man. This is something you need to practice before safer sex leading to explosive orgasms.

Condoms can make your insertable sex toys ready to use without a trip to the sink to clean them afterwards.

Put protection on a man's penis after he is hard and before you have oral...vaginal...or anal... contact to protect against sexually transmitted disease.

Make sexy eye contact with him during this. Show him how much fun you are having. Don't act like this is a chore or some kind of "clinical duty". For an arousing addition to your condom use...explore how to put on a condom with your mouth.

photo of Durex Avanti condom in an intact wrapper

Check that the wrapper is in good condition. You should be able to feel the air in the package when you squish it...or the wrapper has been opened and it needs to be discarded. Always check the expiration date.

Make sure your hands are clean and free from any oil-based products.

Let's Get It On

Make putting on protection part of foreplay. The faster you can slip it on...the less likely he is to go limp. Practice how to put on a condom until you can do it quickly and smoothly and you won't risk that dreaded side effect.


Push the condom down to the bottom of the wrapper and rip the wrapper open with your finger on the perforated line. Don't tear into the wrapper with your teeth or nails.


Push it out of the wrapper.

photo of a condom on a finger


Open and unroll the condom a bit so you can see which way it's unrolling. Make sure you have the inside of the condom facing out. The reservoir tip...the pointy hat part...points out and away from the tip of the penis.

photo of System Jo H20 water based personal lubricant


Add a drop or two of water based lube inside the tip before putting it on him.


To increase sensitivity...put a drop or two of lubricant on the tip of his penis...or in the condom tip...before you put it on. The slippery surface will transmit more sensation to the head of his penis.

This also helps make the condom easier to put on and more comfortable to use. It can also help prevent breakage.

Be careful not to use too much lube. That could make the condom slide off more easily during sex.


Check that the rolled rim is on the outside. If you put it on backwards you'll need to throw it away and start over.


Leave a half inch space at the tip to catch the ejaculate. But check to see that there isn't a huge air bubble or it can pop like a balloon.


If he is uncircumcised...pull back the foreskin.

Put the tip of the rolled up condom on the tip of his penis. Hold the nubby end with your finger. As you do this you should notice the reservoir tip is sticking up and has air in it.

picture of condom on end of penis


Gently pinch the air out of the tip of the keep the air out as you place the condom on and to make room for semen when he cums. Doing this reduces the chance that the condom will break or pop off when he ejaculates.

picture of condom correctly applied to penis


With your other hand...firmly wrap your thumb and forefinger around the base of the condom while holding the condom's tip and unroll.


Slowly move all the way down his shaft to the base to smooth out any air...allowing it to escape at the rim. It may take a few strokes to roll it down to the base. Be sure the condom is rolled all the way to the base of the penis.

If his erection is a little shorter than the is better to leave more extra space at the top. How to put on a condom that is less than perfectly fitting can be tricky. Condom sizing shouldn't be an afterthought.

Make sure the condom stays in place during sex. If it rolls up...roll it back into place immediately.

If the condom comes off...stop...and put on a new condom before continuing sex.


Dribble lots of flavored lube over his penis and rub the lube around gently.

After Sex...

red checkHave your man pull out immediately after ejaculating...while he's still slightly hard. After cumming it is uncomfortable for your man to wilt inside a condom. He will prefer that you remove his condom right away.

red checkHold on to the rim at the base of the condom as his penis is pulled out to make sure it doesn't slip off or spill the contents. Carefully roll it down and catch it in your hand.

red checkRoll it back up and tie the end in a knot. Wrap the used condom in a tissue and throw it in the garbage. And don't flush it down the toilet. A clogged toilet isn't sexy.

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