Sex Games in a Hotel

Room Service with a Twist

photo of an open door in Paris

Do you want to inject some excitement into your sex life? Try some sex games in a hotel room. Or make some vacation sex in a hotel a new adventure in your secret haven where no fantasy is taboo.

Sex games in a hotel offer you a chance to try something tantalizing after the
"Do Not Disturb" sign is out. This is the time to let sensuality be the focus.

Many hotels have romance packages that can include...

Prolong your adventure by checking in as early and out as late as possible.

If you live near a seasonal a ski or beach resort...check on off season specials.

photo of a luxury hotel bed

You will want the biggest room with the biggest bed you can afford. A tub big enough for two can be fun. And porn is the most obvious sex accessory for sex games in a hotel.

Wear your sexiest lingerie to paint an irresistible picture for sex games. You could even pack a fantasy role-playing outfit as an unexpected surprise for your lucky man. Don't forget to pack the condoms…and use them!

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After the "Do Not Disturb" sign is on the doorknob...let everything else drift away. While you are in the room...the world is just the two of you alone. Turn off your cell phones.

photo of a strawberry at a sexy woman's mouth

Food is just a phone call away. You can take advantage of room service for strawberries and whipped cream...a bottle of champagne or breakfast in bed the morning after.

sexy French maid outfit

The extra expense is worth not having to leave your room…or your bed. Hotel sex is about indulging...and being indulged.

Ramp up the fun by covertly changing into your French maid outfit in the bathroom. Then, delight your man with some seductive "maid service".

A Surprise Party Your
Man Will Actually Appreciate

For a special occasion...or to make any night a special occasion...

Make a room reservation at a local hotel. Make it one with a bar with a view. Check in and get the key.

Contrive a reason to walk by the hotel together after work. As you get to the entrance say..."The bar here supposedly has a great view. Want to check it out?"

When you get in the elevator...hit the button for the floor of your hotel room instead of the bar. When the elevator door opens at your room floor...hand him the key card. Let him feel how wet you've become just thinking about his unique brand of room service. You probably won't make it to the bar.

If the "walk by" doesn't work out...just call him and ask him to meet you somewhere close by for a drink or something.

Have You Tried Champagne as
A Sex Toy?

Champagne is a perfect addition to a night of passionate sex games. The alcohol will help loosen your inhibitions. But don't have more than two glasses...or you may take the edge of your performance and enjoyment.

photo of a Champagne toast Enjoy Champagne as a sex toy by...
picture of Erotic Massage...The 4 Hottest Ways to Heat Him Up

See Inside

Don't forget to enjoy any leftover (?) tomorrow morning mixed with your orange juice during breakfast in bed.

Sex games in a hotel can be spiced up with some Erotic Massage fun in your hotel room haven.

Feed the Flames

photo of a Do Not Disturb sign on a hotel room door For some sex games in a your man up with an icy ambush in your hotel room.

Don't won't take long to melt…and neither will you.

photo of cherries at a sexy woman's mouth

Have You Tried Food As Foreplay?

Add food to your carnal activity to fuel your sexual appetite.

Food can be a delicious addition to any of your sex games.

Here are some ideas to get you started...

Sex in a Hotel...Dessert for One

photo of breakfast in bed

In the beginning...there was only you...and it was good…

For a well deserved holiday...consider indulging yourself in a night of "sex for one".

Make a sex date with yourself to discover your sensual self.

Pack your toys in your checked bag and you are ready to get off.

Pamper yourself with a bubble bath and a massage in the hotel spa or privately in your room.

Order your favorite dinner and wine from room service.

Watch some sex videos while you explore and experiment with your sex toys. Find out what feels good and turns you on.

Let go of any negative emotions you may have about pleasuring yourself. Celebrate yourself...your sexuality and your pleasure.

You will return home more relaxed and armed with information to share with your man for even better sex together.

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