Gift Ideas for Men...
A Boudoir Photo Shoot

boudoir photo layout

Looking for great gift ideas for men? Surprise your man with a unique and personal gift...boudoir photos of yourself.

What is boudoir photography? Boudoir...pronounced "boo-dwar"...means a woman's bedroom or private sitting room.

Boudoir photography uses an intimate setting to create classy images that can be romantic...sensual...or naughty. Boudoir photos are sexy...but tasteful.

The main focus of a boudoir photographer is to capture you in the most flattering way with poses that compliment you. Boudoir photography will help you bring out your own special matter what your size.

Think of the boost to your confidence when you see him drool all over your sexy photos.

A boudoir photo album will capture your beauty forever. Decades from now you will still cherish it. It reminds me of when the aged character "Rose" in the movie Titanic sees the nude drawing of her youthful body...priceless.

Strut your sexy stuff in front of the camera and have some fun with my personal favorite of all gift ideas for men. For some gift ideas to suggest to your about some luxury lingerie?

black and white boudoir photo

Find a photographer that specializes in boudoir photography. Look at samples of their work to find one with a style you like. Prices vary widely...starting at around $200. You can wait for a special...or ask a girlfriend to photograph you.

Research poses on the internet before you get an idea of what you want...especially if you have a girlfriend doing the photo work for you.

Have fun with your props and outfits. Hats...scarves... jewelry...whatever you like will work for this ultimate game of dress-up.

Or let your man participate...

Wrap the latest copy of Playboy and attach a card saying: "Please Study." Leave it for your man to find.

Next time you see him say: "I hope you learned something from studying your magazine. I've always wanted to be a centerfold...but I just could never be comfortable with another photographer." And hand him the camera.

Lead him to your "studio" where you've laid out your selection of seductive clothing.

Try to duplicate some of the professional shots in the magazine. This is the time to indulge your most intoxicating daydreams. So tantalize him ...touch yourself for the camera. Sex up your attitude and unleash your inner sex goddess.

Finally at long last...the fantasy he's treasured since adolescence is becoming reality. He is making love to a centerfold...and one with no staples.

This will be worth your effort. And you just may inspired with some very sexy gift ideas of your own.

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